Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

Mitt Romney explains how Paul Ryan's budget takes the can that the Democrats continually kick down the road and instead just kicks it straight at them.

Jason Zengerle in New York Magazine has a profile of Paul Klement who is arguing against the individual mandate before the Supreme Court. Zengerle has a tone of modified horror that such a smart, apparently popular man is arguing so many conservative cases before the Court this term that he is almost the anti-Solicitor General. If you ignore the tone of the article, you can see why Clement would make a superlative nominee for the high Court by a Republican president.

Politico highlights seven key moments from Monday's Supreme Court hearing that seem to indicate the justices' skepticism about applying the Anti-Injunction Act.

President Obama states that all he meant with telling Medvedev that he would have more space after the election to deal with missile defense is that the environment would be more conducive when people weren't focused on the election so he could work together with Congress. Yes, as if he's shown such great ability to work together with Republicans in Congress. Before he just unilaterally canceled agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic to cancel Bush's agreements with them for missile defense without getting anything from the Russians in return. What is preventing him from more such unilateral decisions right now? Could it be that he realizes that they wouldn't be popular as he faces a tough election?

Strange how those computer models of global warming keep getting it wrong from the actual measuring of global temperatures.

How Obama is caught between two of his support groups on the question of gay marriage. His solution is to say nothing and hope no one notices.

Marc a. Thiessen notes how the "Great Whisperer" is out there whispering suggestions to undermine Marco Rubio.