Monday, March 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

California and Governor Brown are still operating under the disproved delusion that they can close their budget deficit by raising taxes on millionaires. Why would someone that rich pay to stay in California when they can move to another state and save close to $125,000 a year? Even for the rich, that's a heady surcharge for the joys of living in California.

Gretchen Morgenson explains
why Barney Frank's demands that Fannie and Freddie write down the mortgages that they hold by borrowers who are in trouble would transfer taxpayer money to big banks.

Here are the four best legal arguments against Obamacare. And George Will explains the argument that the Institute for Justice has argued in an amicus brief about how Obamacare violates established contract law. So not only does the law turn the Commerce Clause on its head, it does the same to contract law.

Can we agree on a general rule that any politician who seeks to glom onto whatever the most recent controversy in sports by ordering congressional hearings should lose automatically be defeated in the next election? The latest grandstanding politician to try to attach himself to the sports headlines is Dick Durbin who wants to hold congressional hearings on bounties in NFL.

Maybe there's hope that the Frank Gehry design
for the Eisenhower memorial that so many people have excoriated including members of his family will not go through as planned.

The scary and depressing fact is that, while no one doubts how the four candidates appointed by Democrats will rule on Obamacare, there is a lot of questioning as to how the Republican-appointed justices will rule. And as always, it seems that our whole constitutional system rests on how Anthony Kennedy will decide to rule.

Here are six possibilities of how the Court could rule. They could rule all the way on one side or the other or find some way to mix and match their rulings. And here's a primer of what to look for from the questioning as analysts try to decipher how the justices are thinking from the questions they ask. It may all come down to how they answer the broccoli question.

Is Barack Obama Don Draper?

A pregnant disabled vet accuses
a Democratic Congresswoman of mistreatment and forcing congressional aides to help on her reelection campaign.

Michael Barone explains why Santorum's decisive victory in Louisiana won't mean much. It's all about the upcoming schedule and delegate count. And it looks very unlikely that Obama would win Louisiana in the fall election. And this is a telling observation: Obama lost three of Louisiana's 64 parishes in the Democratic primary and was under 50% in 10 others, the areas most damaged by his slowness in issuing offshore drilling permits. The trend continues that Santorum is winning states that the GOP are likely to win in the fall and he's losing the ones that may be swing states.

This was totally predictable - as soon as the news broke that Dick Cheney had had a heart transplant, liberals would explode on Twitter with their vitriol. Ah, this modern era of civility.