Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cruising the Web

Obama's visit to Oklahoma's branch of the Keystone XL is a Potemkin Village photo-op. It won't convince anyone but the credulous that Obama is doing everything possible to develop America's oil and natural gas reserves.

The House GOP has been a lot smarter this time around in their rollout of Paul Ryan's budget.

This is scary: the NYPD says that Iranian spies have conducted 'hostile reconnaissance' in New York City.

George Will celebrates creative destruction.

How rich that Wisconsin union anti-Walker groups
are all upset because a bunch of teenagers expressed their support for Walker. Protest is their bailey-wick and they don't want any kids to upstaging them.

How topsy-turvy world has our country become that it needed the Supreme Court to rule that homeowners are entitled to their day in court to challenge EPA orders?