Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cruising the Web

We are the fastest-growing oil and gas producer in the world. As Ed Morse argues, North America is the new Middle East if environmentalists and politics don't block us.

Joe Biden is such an idiot. Now he's bragging to Democratic fundraisers that they could "go back 500 years" and not find "a more audacious plan" than Obama's orders for the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. Oh, geez. Where to start? Obviously with the D-Day landings or indeed any of many attacks ordered during World War Two. Any of several Israeli attacks in their many Middle Eastern wars. Even Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union or many of Napoleon's military campaigns. Clearly, Biden and Obama are going for the vote of the history-challenged.

Enacting the Buffett Rule
would raise only $31 billion over the next 11 years. But the cumulative deficits in Obama's budget for that time period would be over $8 trillion. So don't put your faith in taxing millionaires and billionaires to reduce the deficit. It's just a talking point suitable for demagoguery, but not a serious approach to our nation's fiscal problems.

David Corn threw a hissy fit
at the Barnes & Noble at Union Station because they didn't put up a display of his newest book about how Obama fought back against the House Republicans and the Tea Party. Stay classy, Mr. Corn.

The latest Obama campaign swag for contributors? Obama nail polish.

Jay Cost explains why Romney won Illinois. There were more of his type of voters there.

What the White House and Al Qaeda have in common - they both hate Fox News.

Jim Geraghty has a way to appeal to disillusioned Obama voters. James Taranto builds on that message.

Senior Democratic House members aren't contributing to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Hmmm.

Jennifer Rubin has a list of 20 mistakes candidates should be extremely careful never to repeat.

Does the President care at all about the debt?

So, starting April 1, the U.S. will have the largest corporate tax rate in the world. Yup, that's the way to grow the economy.


Wayne said...

Even the failed Iran hostage recuse plan was much more audacious than the Osama raid.

mark said...

Coming from supporters of the man who strapped on a jump suit and declared "Mission Accomplished" aboard a carrier long before the mission was accomplished, the petty jealousy of Obama's success comes as no surprise.

mark said...

What do Fox News and Al Queda have in common?
They both hate the president.

Stu said...

LOL...if Joe Lie-den actually had half a brain he might be dangerous! What an idiot.

tfhr said...

What do al Qaeda and mark have in common?

They both wanted Biden for President!

mark said...

Okay, tfhr, that was pretty good.

tfhr said...


Here's something else I think you can admit:

It's called a flight suit, not a "jump suit". Pilots and aircrew wear them in the military.

Here's another one: corpsman, pronounced "corpsman", not "corpse-man", is usually a sailor trained in one or more medical specialties. Navy corpsmen go into battle with Marines and serve as medics in the field. It's a terribly important and dangerous job. You'd think a President, a Harvard graduate, would know that and at least be informed enough to say the word properly.

I also find it ironic that you're still trying to find some kind of political traction about celebrating the return of the USS Lincoln from it's tour when Obama has prematurely pulled our troops from Iraq, clearing the way for an AQI return and stands ready to do the same in Afghanistan with an announced draw down schedule provided for the convenience of the Taliban and al Qaeda.

But hey, it's an election year, so a strategy doesn't have to make sense, right? It just has blend into the shadows of Obama's failures in just about everything BUT killing bin Laden.

Now if he could just dispatch some SEALS to fix ObamaCare, unemployment, rising fuel prices, the national debt....

mark said...

Gee, tfhr, you should have just taken the compliment.
Why try to defend your distasteful joke about soldiers and corpses? You should just apologize and move on.
Most realize that W's carrier strut was a premature and inappropriate political display by a president desperate to erase his failures leading up to and including 9/11.
You have been embarrassingly wrong about so many things involving military strategy and intelligence; do you really think your analysis has value?