Monday, March 19, 2012

Cruising the Web

Forget all the political news. This is the most momentous news of the day: C-Span founder Brian Lamb is retiring. I'm sure his successors are well schooled in Lamb's vision of C-Span and the C-Span brand will endure. But our political scene has been richer for having Brian Lamb in it. I bet there is no one out there who knows who he is who does not respect and like him. He will be missed.

John Podhoretz is confident that the hostility and disgust engendered by the long GOP primary slog won't matter a bit for November because the American public just has a very short memory.

Oh dear. It seems that Obama can't rule just by executive order. He actually needs Congress. Just one more aspect of our constitutional system that is awkward for Obama.

The Democrats and the media have come up with a new storyline to try to explain why Obama isn't running away with this election. It must just be that the people are stupid.

Depending on the stupidity of the voters seems to be a Democratic strategy. Conservative Black Chick finds that that is the essential premise underlying the entire Tom Hanks-narrated Obama documentary.

Jay Cost explains
how the system that the GOP adopted for 2012 is what is hurting Romney and giving the impression that he can't close the deal. Under the system used in 2004 or 2008 would have wrapped it up already.

But was it necessary for Romney to do a full-out pander in order to win Puerto Rico?

Kimberley Strassel contemplates the damage that the battles between the pragmatists and ideologues may do to Republican hopes to retake the Senate.

Does anyone have any faith that Congress and Obama will come to some agreements to forestall the fiscal calamity scheduled to take place in January 2013?

Michael Barone concludes that redistricting won't yield much of a difference for either party than anyone had predicted.

It's come to this: teachers advising students in elementary school to avoid making best friends. Anything is better, apparently, than having children suffering the pain of a break-up.