Friday, March 16, 2012

Cruising the Web

The hot ticket in Washington is for a spot to get into the Supreme Court to listen to the arguments on health care. It's really too bad that we can't come home from work and watch this on C-Span.

Just remember: it was a myth that the health care system was broken before the Democrats passed their health care reform. It's time to debunk all those myths.

The CBO has not been kind in their analyses of the effects of the healthcare reform law. Now they're estimating that a net of about 5 million people would lose their employer coverage over the next decade as the law takes effect. And other analysts predict a much higher number.

Jonah Goldberg makes the argument that whoever is in office when the economy gets better will get the credit even if their policies had little to do with the change. So if Obama is reelected, he'll take the credit, undeserving as he is. I remember thinking the same thing in 1992 as signs emerged that the economy was already improving before the election but knew that Clinton would take and get all the credit for the improvement.

They're right. This is the best political campaign ad of 2012.

Britain has some crazy non-discrimination laws.

Chuck Schumer has plans
how to politicize the Violence Against Women Act so as to carry forth on the Democrats phony sloganeering about the Republicans' "war against women."

Israel and China are better friends than I realized. They're trying to use those connections to wake China up to how they'd suffer even more disruption of their imports of Iranian oil if Israel has to bomb their nuclear program and so it would benefit China to put more pressure on Iran.

Dick Morris looks at the delegate count
to explain why Romney is on track to wrap up the nomination on June 6.

I'm with Chuck Grassley. Why can't the History Channel show some history?

Political correctness reaches a
nadir as some groups want to ban Dante's Divine Comedy from schools since they condemn its racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, and homophobic language.

Have some fun and vote in the Weather Channel's tournament of weather songs.

Just get over it, Kentucky.
Some Kentucky fans are upset by a UPS ad that features the famous Laettner shop in the 1992 East Regional win over the Wildcats. As UPS advertises, he wouldn't have been able to make the shot without the delivery of the Grant Hill shot. That's logistics.