Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cruising the Web

Robert Samuelson finds some scary parallels between the situation in the U.S. today and Japan's lost decade - which has lasted longer than a decade.

Finding the real Ithaca, home to Odysseus. It's not where people have thought it was.

Using Islamic terminology as epithets of opprobrium is forbidden. Unless the target is a conservative.

Who knew that there were more delegates from the U.S. territories to the GOP convention than all but seven states? And Mitt Romney's campaign was smart enough to recognize the delegate gold mine that islands such as Guam and the Northern Marianas.

Here's a goofy idea - extend California's problems with funding public pensions to funding private pensions.

Are conservative women actually something other than women, sort of a third sex?
Funny, I've always felt that I was a woman, but apparently I have no right to my ovaries.

Ah, the perfect use of federal stimulus money - give it to states so they can then turn around and lobby for more money despite the fact that this breaks federal law. But Kathleen Sebelius is unconcerned. What is federal law to these people when there is money to shovel out the door for their pet projects?

Peter Wehner examines silly claims by Newt Gingrich.

Mickey Kaus looks at the latest judicial overreach and creepy claims by the ethnic police in California. They're concerned that Latinos who are elected might not be suitably Latino.

James Pethokoukis looks at what would have happened if the tractor had never been invented. It's a salutary lesson for those, like Obama, who want to blame new technologies for lost jobs.

Why is U.S.-owned G.M. buying parts of France's Peugeot

The British are starting to notice that David Cameron's visit to the U.S. this week is filled with election-year photo ops in a swing state.

Kevin Williamson has a mind-boggling story
of how one public school treated a black 8th-grade girl who read Frederick Douglass's autobiography and dared to apply what she learned to what she sees in her own life. You'll just shake your head in despair.

Politico has a long article looking at Obama actions and asking "What if George W. Bush had done that?" Obama choices that would have made Bush opponents apoplectic raise nary a peep. Just business as usual in the media.

With all the buzz about fracking and possible incidents of fracking leading to water pollution, both oil companies, regulators, academics, and environmentalists are coming to the conclusion that the fault lay in poorly built wells rather from the fracking.

Here's a fun look at what political ads might have looked back in 1800 when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson faced off.