Monday, March 12, 2012

Cruising the Web

Algae might be a promising source for energy, but we don't need the government funding it. There are plenty of private companies willing to invest in the promise of algae.

Just what the Michigan state budget needs to take on - free tuition for all public-school students at all Michigan state universities. Oh my.

Jeff Jacoby exposes the terrible system that exists today for people to be cabdrivers. His comparison to sharecropping is apt. If cities would get rid of their feudal system of taxi medallions, cabdrivers could earn more and taxi fares would fall. The only ones benefiting from the current situation are those who own the original rights for cabdrivers. This is an outdated system that should be changed.

How Rick Santorum got a $2 million Virginia home. You can just imagine what he'd be saying if Romney had done this.

The all-knowing Justice Department seems to think they know how much an e-book should cost.

Allysia Finley has a list
of other benefits that the health-care law should be used to provide for free. Why not mandate that insurers provide free health-club membership or require Mormon employers to provide free coffee?

Bobby Jindal explains
how the Obama administration's policies are blocking more affordable energy production.

George Will looks at a couple of federal laws that the Obama administration is ignoring. And that's not all. Nine state attorneys general have a list of 21 Obama administration actions they consider illegal expansions of federal power over the states.

The criticisms that Democrats made of George W. Bush in 2004 and the weaknesses in the economic recovery back then are coming back to haunt them now as they try to defend Obama's much weaker record.

Why are White House sources leaking that Netanyahu agreed to Obama's request to delay any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities until after the election?


mark said...

While the list is absurd, I do think people should be allowed to use medical savings accounts for gym memberships and other preventative health costs.

wmr333 said...

While I abhor anti-trust law, if there ever was a time to use it, it is against apple's price fixing on ebooks. Before Jobs and apple got involved, books were cheaper. After they got involved, prices are more expensive. My Kindle has gathered dust since new hardbacks are typically cheaper.

The WSJ Piece is really poorly written, and clearly not by an economist, so not worth linking.

lorraine_lanning said...

"Publishers wanted competition among e-readers instead of a Kindle monopoly and worried that the subsidized price established artificially low prices."

That is NOT why the publishers colluded with Jobs on the agency model. They were scared that digital would kill print and wanted to do anything they could to slow that process.

All the agency model did was to increase prices for customers. There was no increase in competition in either physical bookstores or online bookstores.

I love my Kindle but haven't bought a single Big 6 ebook since April 2010. Instead, I get free, sale, and indie books, none more than $5. I have occasionally checked out an ebook from the library, but publishers are trying to kill that too.

Those publishers have lost me as a customer forever.

tfhr said...


Fiber is good for you and believe me, you really need it. In fact, NOBODY needs more fiber than you, mark.

I say make the UAW pay for your fiber, let's say about 10 pounds a day. We can add the cost of your fiber to their union fees. We can send 10 pounds of fiber to every Progressive and Socialist in America and let's face it, you know you'd only want union fiber, so look for the UAW label on your next sack of ground flax meal and psyllium husks.

mark, we'll even have yours delivered in a Volt to your house so you can stay home and "Sweat with the Oldies" while saving the taxpayer all sorts of money by not forcing them to pay for your gym membership. You'll feel better about yourself, keep Richard Simmons employed because you don't want him wandering around looking for something to do, and isn't feeling better about yourself the most important thing for a Progressive?

One more thing mark, if my union dues paid fiber plan doesn't win acceptance in a card check ballot, you know, the type where the union bosses get to see how the individual voter casts his ballot, and the UAW doesn't agree to pick up the cost of the Free Fiber for Freeloaders Plan, do you think they would agree to cover the cost of memberships to the gym? I heard when the government agreed to pick up gym memberships, at your suggestion, that the cost of a membership sky-rocketed. So much so that it became more expensive for everyone else that was paying on their own. You know, the government will only pay for so much and the rest of us have to bear the costs the gym owners (they're evil) pass along to us. Or should we just add it to the cost of Medicare because that's helped keep prices down, right?

mark said...

I'll just let your petty, rambling comment speak for itself.

tfhr said...


A petty response is more than adequate to counter your brilliance.

Government funded gym memberships, mark? What could possibly go wrong with that? Do you think for even a second before you spew out new ideas for spending other people's money in pursuit of your utopia?