Friday, March 09, 2012

Cruising the Web

One of the best effects of the Citizens United decision is that it helps counter the incumbent advantages that the previous system was designed to protect.

One of the advantages of having more money and a better organization is that Romney's campaign was able to launch a concerted effort targeting early and absentee voters.

Even some House Democrats want to get rid of Obamacare's unchecked and unreviewable Independent Payment Advisory Board.

James Taranto points to this WP story about politics in India and how corruption grew after Indira Gandhi passed bans on business donations to political campaigns in order to hinder her opponents. The result has been increased patronage and favor-swapping so that 35% of its political candidates face criminal charges. It's a salutary lesson for those who wish they could somehow get all money out of politics.

Matthew Continetti explains how shameless Obama's campaign rhetoric has been.

Christians in the Arab world are being murdered and expelled
from their homes. The only place where they're treated with respect and security is in Israel.

Robert Tracinski explains
how the global warming bubble is popping.

ShePAC uses the President's own words against him as they highlight what some liberals, especially Bill Maher say about conservative women. Live by whining about feminist slurs, die by having your side's own slurs against women preserved to haunt you.


mark said...

Yes, Maher's comments about Palin, Bachmann and I'm sure some others were vile (kinda like repub favorite Ted Nugent inviting Hillary Clinton to "ride" on his assault rifle, or tfhr calling Kennedy a "bastard" on the day he died, or skay/suek calling the president a secret-Muslim. Oh, how I remember the indignation here over those).
Both Palin and Bachmann have made their own vile comments attacking the president and others with whom they disagree. Sandra Fluke attacked nobody. This is a bit like Don Imus and the basketball players.
Beyond Rushbo's choice of words, he created a story of a sex-crazed prostitute. And saying that she and all women who take the pill should post the sex videos on line shows what a sick puppy repubs have chosen for a leader.

BTW, I disagree regarding to issue of no co-pays for birth control. Barring extreme poverty, everyone needs to pay something for the goods and services they utilize.

Now let the war-on-women continue.

equitus said...

Good little foot soldier, mark. Just this morning I saw some comments on FB that matched your recent "Rush is a pervert" meme. Overnight we went from Rush-hates-women to Rush-wants-to-pimp-out-teenagers.

Yet then you acknowledge that his point was birth-control and insurance. What is it, mark? Was Rush trying to make a valid point or was he indulging in sexual deviancy?

I'm sure you know, yet you gleefully engage in this dishonest Dem/Obama/MSM "war-on-women" drumbeat.

And you know what? This attack on political discourse is an attack on all of us who dare to disagree. Yes, I'm taking this personally. You and anyone else playing along with this slander (whether out of ignorance or, in your case, deceit) deserve no respect or consideration.

mark said...

This attack on political discourse is an attack on all of us who dare to disagree.

Good one, equitus. Were you one who called everyone opposed to the Iraq war traitors, or accused them of "spitting on the troops"?

No, Rush had no point to make. He called a woman, whom he had never met and had said nothing about her sex life, a slut and a prostitute. It was three days of pathetic, twisted blathering by a repub leader. There are legit arguments, but Limbaugh sure didn't make them.

Between all the program cuts, laws restricting women from getting healthcare and the laws forcing women to get unnecessary procedures, there is no doubt the fringe right is at war with women, and the sane, reasonable republicans are too afraid to take them on.

That's fine. There was a time when I though it would be hard vote for Obama again. The repub clown, show, with Rush as the ringmaster, makes it easier.

tfhr said...


I'm afraid the body count in the "War on Women" or as we call it, "Man Made Disasters", tilts heavily in favor of the left.


Ted Kennedy = One dead woman, Mary Jo Kopechne

Kennedy cousin, Michael Skakel = One dead 14 year old girl, Martha Moxley

I know, I know, it doesn't count if you are from the dissolute, affluent Kennedy clan. And I guess that's what Skakel thought for quite a few decades. Teddy, on the other hand, did get away with it and you self-righteous left wingers hold him up as a man in favor of Women's "rights" because he was in favor of free and easy abortions. If only he had fought as hard to save Mary Jo as he fought to kill baby girls.... But I guess we'll never know. (You used that phrase recently, mark, so I thought I'd give it a whirl)

Speaking of killing baby girls, let's hear it for Dem leaders that are in favor of "partial birth" abortions, or as we call it, "Man Made Infanticide". I believe Barack Obama is very much in favor of that particularly ghoulish "procedure".

So don't forget to count all the bodies, mark, when you tally up the count for your war.

American citizens certainly have the right to speak in support of or in opposition to their government. This would include participating in the debate about when we go to war. To some it is ironic, I suppose, that soldiers put their lives at risk to support such speech but it never, ever should come to the point where that freedom is abused as we saw in the case of Dick Durbin.

Durbin, the senior Senator from Illinois, compared American service members to Nazis, the Khmer Rouge, and the KGB! That is a propaganda gift to our enemies, to say nothing of slander. Harry Reid, another unfortunate Senator, informed the world and especially our enemies, that according to him, "the war is lost". Thanks for your support Harry". Someone in al Qaeda said that, not in our Armed Forces.

We're these men traitors? Of course not, just idiots. They have a right to say any stupid thing they want. So does the bloated, spittle-flecked Al Gore when he brayed that Bush had "betrayed" our country. Really? Who was Al Gore calling a traitor? I bet that offended you too, mark.

You said, "This attack on political discourse is an attack on all of us who dare to disagree." That's refreshing news from the left! The left does everything it can to silence opposition viewpoints and you know it. Just think of the idiots that posted here that they wanted me to die in Iraq because I supported the war. You saw all of that garbage. We can agree that stifling debate is wrong but if you want to believe that the left has some sort of moral high ground to claim, you're very wrong.

tfhr said...


I suppose getting beat down on old talking points or imagined grievances is still preferable to having to defend the ineptitude of Barack Obama, right?

Why else would you continue on this track unless you found his performance indefensible?

mark said...

"This attack on political discourse is an attack on all of us who dare to disagree."

I was quoting equitus, and the irony of his saying that given people like you who accused me and others of "spitting on the troops".

I never saw anyone here say they wish you were dead. Had I, I would have spoken out against it.

The rest of your post? typical blather

equitus said...

tfhr, mark did not say "This attack on political discourse is an attack on all of us who dare to disagree." He was quoting my words - before going onto mock them.

No, that's not a thing mark would ever say for himself, let alone believe.

equitus said...

mark, kindly point out where I've accused you and others of "spitting on the troops."

You can't because you made that up. Now you've descended into outright lying in order to put down and discredit those who disagree with you.

Good little foot soldier, mark. You've learned well from your masters.

mark said...

Wrong again, equitus. It was a question (note the little squiggly mark at the end), because I wasn't sure if you were one who faked patriotism by calling others traitors.

Good one, equitus. Were you one who called everyone opposed to the Iraq war traitors, or accused them of "spitting on the troops"?

You guys need to brush up on those reading skills.

tfhr said...


Apologies - I don't know how I could have imagined such a fair minded, intelligent comment could have emanated from mark. I suppose if he could see things that way he would not be such a constant horse's ass in these threads.


When you quote somebody, you should use some of these things: """""""

We call them quotation marks, mark. Italics can help too but I don't know what to tell you about your penchant for saying "everyone" when you should have been specific about particular individuals. I'm not sure "everyone" was against the war. There were Senators, including Hillary Clinton, that voted for it. Even John Kerry was for it before he decided he was going to run for President against it.

You might have been better served if you had used "anyone" in your complaint, though you would have still been wrong. Saying you're opposed to the war is one thing and calling American troops Nazis, as Dick Durbin did, is something else. Trolls of various sorts called me "fuhrer" in these threads. It was about the same time you were going for laughs with your Peace Corps fish kill = dead American troops zinger. Remember that? I do.

You know why that wasn't funny? Because if Obama had used your material he would've said "Peace Corpse"!

Bah dump dump!

I'll be here all week quoting mark with quotation marks. ("")

mark said...

What a revolting joke!
I've never intentionally made such a gross comparison. Why would you hypothesize that Obama would say such a thing? Is your hatred for him so out of control?
Why do you continue to joke about dead soldiers and corpses?

equitus said...

It's a trademark Obama gag.

If President Obama can say it, it's ok.

mark said...

Gee, I get it. Obama mispronounced a word. Lot's of people (myself included) have said "Osama" when we meant "Obama", but only the most vile have actually called the president a terrorist.
Stop using the sacrifices of the military to score political points.

tfhr said...


You said, "I've never intentionally made such a gross comparison." Are you claiming it was an accident now?

Or are you now denying that you compared dead fish from your Peace Corps exploits in Guatemala with dead American troops in Iraq? You can apologize for it mark, but you cannot hide from it.

Mispronounced a word? Three times, mark! That was a Quailism if I ever heard one and you know how the media treated the VP for that.

Maybe Obama should have his teleprompter scripts translated into Austrian! What's the Austrian word for corpsman?

Yes, mark, it is a war on words not on women but either way, one of the first shots, pardon the pun, was issued by Bill Clinton. Is he a liar or is he a disbarred lawyer. Is there a difference? I guess that depends on your definition of the word, "is". Or better yet, misogynist.

I'm not sure who thinks of Obama as a terrorist nor do I care. Lots of people said the same thing about Bush and didn't think much of them either. No, if I were a Dem or a lefty, I'd still be asking for answers over this gem:

What do you think about that?

mark said...

As you well know, I have accused Bush of recklessly and falsely leading us into an unnecessary war that has resulted in over 4200 soldiers being killed and 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children. (And I still believe that.) I have never equated fish with human beings. That's disgusting.
You pretended to be upset when I said Herman Cain was running a fake presidential campaign, but now claim to somehow know that Obama would make a joke about dead soldiers, when he has absolutely never come close to doing such a thing. I based my claim about Cain on several factors. Do you have anything to base that on? You really think because he mispronounced a word, that he would joke about dead soldiers? The sick joke about "corpses" came from you, not him.
I realize you don't like that I helped you expose yourself as an incompetent fraud and liar (Do you really think anyone believes you work for military intelligence? Seriously?) But really, you're exploiting the troops with your obviously fake outrage.

Criticism of the president's policies is fair game. Inventing disgraceful things you'd like to pretend he might say is not.

tfhr said...


You've really become unhinged of late and now you're starting to sound dishonest.

You did compare dead American service members with your dead Guatemalan fish story from your Peace Corps days, so don't try and back out of it. Stop being a lib troll and be man enough to own up to your crass past comment, or be a coward. It's your choice. It wasn't funny then and your attempt to run from it now is rather pathetic.

I mentioned that sick joke of yours again to improve your ability to reference the time line in which many of the most vile derogatory comments directed at me were made. I was frequently compared to Nazis because I support the war. If that isn't an attempt to shut down a debate, please tell me what that would be.

Go back and work on YOUR reading skills, as you've directed others here to do. I said Obama wouldn't be funny making that joke and neither were you when you actually did...just for different reasons.

We've heard for so long about how smart Barack Obama is supposed to be yet he makes stupid mistakes. His inept administration's handling of the economy is probably his most damaging exercise in stupidity and failed leadership thus far but even the little ones are glaring in what they reveal. He has said "corpse-man" three different times. Go visit the link I provided for you. That's not a simple mispronunciation by a Harvard grad but rather a glaring unfamiliarity with the people and the jobs they hold within the DoD. You'd think a Commander-in-Chief would know better.

Anyway, you seem determined to believe that there is a "war on women" but I'd say it is a war on the First Amendment and it is being waged by a man, a party, and a subservient MSM, that attack religious freedom as well as free speech. Sadly, there are enough idiots like you to make their efforts worthwhile because you do not have either the intelligence or the objectivity to see the danger their actions pose to The Constitution.

Honestly, mark. You become apoplectic over the remarks of a radio talk show host but somehow manage to over look the absolute assault underway against the First Amendment by this administration.

You claimed that in these threads "everyone" that opposed the war was maligned as a "traitor". Your exaggeration aside, you've done nothing to answer for Al Gore's "betray" screed directed at a sitting President of the United States, Durbin's Nazi slander directed at service members sworn to uphold and defend The Constitution, or the many "f├╝hrer" accusations directed at me.

You go on to imply that I am not telling the truth about my military career. You have nothing to base that on but your own unhappy, political prejudice. I wonder if you have the intellectual integrity left in you to admit that.

I served more than twenty years in the United States Army. Most of that time was in the MI branch. Now I am a member of the USIC. That's yet another convenient government acronym and it stands for the US Intelligence Community. There are thousands upon thousands of us out here and many have followed similar career paths with time spent in the military before we continued our service as civilians.

I cannot speak for every member of the USIC but certainly for all that came here through the military. We all took oaths to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States of America. Speaking for myself, that motivates me when I see a direct threat to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I see such a threat when a government wants to dictate what a religious organization must do or cannot do, particularly when it violates a religious tenent.

Sadly, the Peace Corps must not have made much of an impact on you when it comes to basic freedoms as guaranteed by The Constitution.

mark said...

Just more evidence of why you are a fraud and a liar.
You pretend that I intended to say something that I clearly did not. You are now lying that Obama's mispronunciation of "corpsman" was deliberate, and attribute your pathetic joke (complete with rimshot) about soldiers and corpses to him. It's one thing to poke fun at his mistakes and brain-freezes (such as "57 states). Quite another to accuse him of wishing for our soldiers to be killed. Besides you, the only person I know who has come close to mocking the troops is W, with his "nope, no wmds here" video. But even that was just a case of poor judgment, rather than mocking the soldiers who had died (or would soon die) on the mission he ordered.
I admit that I have no hard evidence that you are exaggerating and/or lying about your career. Unfortunately, we know that some pathetic souls have done exactly that (I assume you know all about the Stolen Valor Act). Just lots of circumstantial evidence. One being your insane justification to claim OBL was dead (a decrease in communiques). That right there exposes your egregious ineptitude.
And why would someone working in military intelligence be posting on an open blog about military intelligence and strategies? If it is not expressly against regulations, it is because it is too obvious to have to write it down. Yes, I know you'll whine that I am trying to take away your right to free speech. Nonsense.

tfhr said...


You've become an idiot.

When and where did I say that Obama said "corpse-man" deliberately? He said it because he is ignorant, not because he wanted to provoke people with his stupidity. That last part is just a bonus.

Who said he wished for soldiers to be killed? There were morons of your political pedigree on these threads that expressed their desire for me to die in Iraq, but I've never attributed that sort of thing to Barack Obama. You're out of your mind.

Plinking away on the old OBL banjo string again, eh mark? You do that when you've had your ass kicked and you're doing it again. If you think that everyone in the IC agrees with everyone else all the time then you're a fool. My stated reasons were shared by many. There are many blogs shared by intelligence professionals, including those in the military. Are you too stupid to do a search and read some or just too lazy?

I suspect it is the latter, so once again, I will spoon feed the troll:

Take a gander, moron.

mark said...

"You know why that wasn't funny? Because if Obama had used your material he would've said "Peace Corpse"!

Bah dump dump!"

You see, tfhr, you twisted my words to say something you know I didn't mean to say, and then you implied that Obama would have changed it to make it funny. Rimshot or no rimshot, it's not funny.

You were mocking the deaths of the soldier with whom you claim to have served.

But I'm glad to see you backtrack, even if you have to lie to do it.

tfhr said...


You're an idiot. Own up to your vile dead fish joke and stop trying to run away from it.