Friday, March 09, 2012

Cruising the Web

One of the best effects of the Citizens United decision is that it helps counter the incumbent advantages that the previous system was designed to protect.

One of the advantages of having more money and a better organization is that Romney's campaign was able to launch a concerted effort targeting early and absentee voters.

Even some House Democrats want to get rid of Obamacare's unchecked and unreviewable Independent Payment Advisory Board.

James Taranto points to this WP story about politics in India and how corruption grew after Indira Gandhi passed bans on business donations to political campaigns in order to hinder her opponents. The result has been increased patronage and favor-swapping so that 35% of its political candidates face criminal charges. It's a salutary lesson for those who wish they could somehow get all money out of politics.

Matthew Continetti explains how shameless Obama's campaign rhetoric has been.

Christians in the Arab world are being murdered and expelled
from their homes. The only place where they're treated with respect and security is in Israel.

Robert Tracinski explains
how the global warming bubble is popping.

ShePAC uses the President's own words against him as they highlight what some liberals, especially Bill Maher say about conservative women. Live by whining about feminist slurs, die by having your side's own slurs against women preserved to haunt you.