Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cruising the Web

Suddenly, Eric Holder likes all that executive power in wartime that he criticized in the Bush administration. Funny how that works.

Walter Russell Mead wonders
if "there will ever be a TV show that portrays Christians as normal, decent, struggling and complicated human beings?"

Victor Davis Hanson notes how Obama's rhetoric on Israel changes as he gets closer to election and how similar the "flip-flop-flip" on Israel is to his stand on gas prices.

Michael Barone analyzes
how the results from yesterday demonstrate both winning and losing messages for each candidate.

Ramesh Ponnuru argues that Obama is more vulnerable than the pundits think.

Charles Lane notes the liberals' refusal
to accept science on energy.

Steven Taylor demonstrates that the GOP delegate allocation rules are not actually proportional.

Why almost everything you hear on TV from analysts is wrong.

The symbolic presidency of Barack Obama. Can't we just save the country and have him be our symbolic ex-president?

Israel still can't trust that the President of the United States has their back.

The moral hypocrisy of Barack Obama: did you expect anything different?

Why Obama should stop patting himself on the back regarding Israel.

Obama lost a delegate in Oklahoma.