Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cruising the Web

Fred Barnes points out that all those gaffes that Romney has made about his wealth haven't really hurt him except in the media. People know he's rich and just don't care all that much.

You want to get depressed? Here are ten things that will happen if Obama is reelected.

What research really says about school choice.

Jonah Goldberg contrasts
how Sandra Fluke and Joe the Plumber were treated by the mainstream press.

The economics lessons of Oscar winner, the documentary Undefeated.

Guess which is the biggest spending 'outside group' in the election? It's not any of the names you might think - corporations, the Kochs, oil and gas companies, etc. Nope, it's the labor unions. And remember that, businesses tend to split their money between the two parties, unions spend all their money on Democrats. Remember that fact next time you hear Democrats whining about the Super PACs spending money on behalf of Republicans.

Of course, there are the pharmaceutical companies that are quite happy to reward Obama for his mandates on birth control. They're making out quite well.

Obama's aides tell congressional Democrats
that it's all about him, him, him. They need to take the hard votes to support his policies, but he's not going to let the DNC or the Obama campaign give them any campaign money.

Mark Steyn is quite powerful on how liberals are not so interested any more in the Free Exercise Clause. They perhaps prefer how religious beliefs are unprotected in most other countries.

One smart aspect of Romeny's campaign is that he keeps the focus on the economy instead of getting distracted by side issues like the whole contraception debate.

The list of corrupt politicians in Illinois
is quite startling.

Eric Holder sees no end to affirmative action. Ever.