Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cruising the Web

Juan Williams calls for business leaders to get involved in school reform movements to develop accountability from teachers and schools as they challenge the power of the teachers unions.

Jennifer Rubin
is exactly right. Republican candidates should stop complaining about the media. We're not electing a whiner-in-chief.

Tim Carney and Philip Klein explain what is wrong with Santorum's defense for his support of Arlen Specter.

President Obama both opposes and supports the Keystone XL pipeline. It's not enough.

Hugh Hewitt is right on target. Charles Blow's tweet making fun of Mormons represents language that wouldn't be acceptable if he'd said something similar about any non-Christian religion. The fact that the New York Times doesn't seem concerned that one of their writers displayed such religious bigotry is quite telling. An editor at ESPN lost his job for a headline that no one thought was deliberately written to insult Asians. Yet a writer for the NYT deliberately insults one religion and his employers don't seem to compare. The ombudsman dismisses it as an expression of opinion. Apparently, some opinions are more acceptable than others. Whenever these sorts of moments occur, ask yourself what would happen if he'd written something similar about Muslims.

Cheers to Alan Dershowitz for taking on the anti-Jewish bigotry of Media Matters as they attack Jews as being Israel-firsters.
Let there be no doubt that Rosenberg’s accusation of dual or singular loyalty to a foreign country is an anti-Semitic canard historically reserved for Jews. Rosenberg doesn’t accuse Arab Americans who support Hamas and Hezbollah — America’s sworn enemies — of being “Palestine firsters.” Nor did he accuse Irish Americans who supported the Sinn Fein of being “Ireland firsters.”

But Rosenberg defends his charges of disloyalty to America against those who sincerely believe that it is in America’s interest to support Israel against threats from Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and other enemies of both nations.
And Dershowitz calls out Obama for his association with Media Matters.

Why it is time to to end affirmative action.

There are still some lurking controversies over Obama's supposed birth control compromise.