Monday, February 27, 2012

Cruising the Web

Watching the movie montages of great moments from movies past and listening to the stars of today talking about how they were inspired in their craft by watching great movies as kids just drove home how such future montages will not include clips from this year's crop of movies.

President Obama is quite wrong about how there is nothing he can do to lower gas prices in the near future. He could stop doing the things he's doing to delay exploration. If he took such actions today, prices would fall tomorrow.

Here's a case in Ohio that may be decided in the courts on the basis of the Bush v. Gore case. Whenever one of these close elections happens and we find out what goes on in counting ballots, it's eye-opening what a mess election officials are making of the whole voting and vote-counting experience. It probably is happening almost everywhere no matter how much officials are trying to do a good and honest job. Just imagine what would happen if we had a presidential election based on the popular vote. We'd have challenges all over the place.

The WSJ has some truth on the auto bailout to counter the Obama propaganda.
The point is that the auto bailout isn't an example of enlightened government revitalizing an industry after a market failure. It is a bailout in the wake of failed government policies and bad management that may keep going and going as Washington does whatever it takes to make sure Detroit keeps doing its political bidding.
There is some more evidence that Jon Corzine was not being entirely truthful in his testimony about the missing MF Global funds.

Here's a scary story of how police were called out to arrest, strip-search, and conduct a warrantless search of a Toronto father's house simply because his four-year old daughter drew a picture of her father with a gun in kindergarten.

How taxes on the rich
harm the middle class.

My husband wonders when Occupy Wall Street will take on rent control.

This little article about how some parents at a regular public school are having to pitch in to help clean up their children's school since the custodial budget has been cut amused me. At charter schools, such as where I teach, parents have been doing that ever since the schools started. We have lovely, generous parents who come in on a regular basis to help keep our school clean. Their children join them on the weekends when we have clean-up/repair days. When we moved locations this past summer, we had volunteer students and parents who helped pack, paint the new school, and then spent the day carrying boxes and furniture into the new building. Think of the money we save through such volunteer effort and the lessons that students learn about the value of helping out to make their own environment better. Students feel an ownership of the school because they help out. It's about time that regular schools see the value of such volunteer effort instead of thinking what they do is so anomalous that it deserves newspaper coverage. I also wonder if we could have all this parent and student sweat equity if we had a unionized custodial staff.