Friday, February 24, 2012

Cruising the Web

Buzzfeed has pulled some pictures off of the blog of one of Mitt Romney's daughters-in-law. They title their display as "25 Photos of Mitt Romney Looking Perfectly Normal." A better title would be Mitt Romney relaxing with his family. He does look more relaxed and appealing surrounded by grandchildren though I suppose it is somewhat to his credit that he hasn't been using his grandchildren for photo ops during the campaign.

Larry Elder wonders
what if white celebrities said that they were voting for a candidate because of his race. Yet that is what Samuel L. Jackson said. Jackson seems to think that we all vote for the candidate who looks like we do. If that were true, Obama would not now be president.

Here are "five whoppers in Obama's energy speech."

Where is the outrage
that Egypt is putting 16 Americans on trial for promoting democracy in Egypt? And one of those Americans is the son of a member of Obama's cabinet. Is America so weak that we can't protect citizens abroad in a country that we've given so much aid to? Why isn't this a story on the news every day?

It's been six months and still no charges in the raid on Gibson Guitar.

What can we learn from Cardinal Richelieu?

Obama's 2012 campaign is quite sloppy in comparison to the sleek operation he had in 2008.

Dorothy Rabinowitz explains why the Democrats are drooling at the chance that Santorum would be the GOP nominee.

This is cute if you're a Pride and Prejudice fan.