Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cruising the Web

John Podhoretz thinks that the real block to Santorum winning the presidency is that he's a 'sourpuss' with a dark view of the American character.

If 70% of Americans receive more money from the government than they pay in taxes, how exactly is that everyone paying their fair share?

Fred Barnes looks
at what we know about Obama's view of the government's role in the economy from examining Obama's own words and the budget he put forth. It's a truly frightening concept of how government should direct the economy because the free market doesn't work. Meanwhile, we should just ignore looming entitlement debt.

How stupid is the Romney campaign to go send Donald Trump to attack Rick Santorum in Michigan. Don't they realize what a joke the man is? And how can a man who built his fortune on his own bankruptcy make the argument against the auto bailouts in Michigan? Or a man whose number-one quote is "you're fired" helps a candidate who told an audience that he likes to fire people?

Ben Domenech asks an interesting, but depressing, question
: if the Republicans are going to lose in November which candidate would be the best candidate to lose with?
This begs another question: if conservatives would be blamed for losing with Gingrich, social conservatives particularly for losing with Santorum, and moderates for losing with Romney... which would be best for the conservative movement? Is it better to go into 2012 with a flawed candidate who nonetheless argues for conservative ideology? Or is it better to put forward someone whose loss will not be seen as a repudiation of conservatism?
If we're discussing whose loss least damages conservatives, we're in deep doo-doo.

There are, apparently, 174 different names by which Americans call what are most commonly termed 'dust bunnies.' Who knew? Who knew that so many people talked about them enough to come up with so many different names? The information is available in the Dictionary of American Regional English.

What do people do when they drop out of the employment market? Well, a lot of them are filing claims with Social Security saying that they are disabled.

The Washington Post notices something I'd noticed, the prominent use of Obama's daughters in their internet ad. If he's going to use them as campaign props, don't come back and tell us that the girls are off limits. Either they are or they aren't.