Monday, February 20, 2012

Cruising the Web

Seth Mandel argues that the the "reports of the death of conservative consensus are greatly exaggerated." The real divisions we see today are the results of weak candidates, not dismay with conservatism in general.

The Obama administration isn't even pretending
anymore that they care about the nation's long-term debt.

Glenn Reynolds offers a syllabus
complete with reading list for university courses on the 'Occupy' movement. Don't hold your breath for that syllabus to be adopted.

Jim Geraghty explores the contradictions behind the liberals' arguments on the birth-control mandate. First they want to say that free birth control is so important that it is worth raising premiums for everyone but then they want to pretend that they're not raising those premiums. This is based on their contradictory arguments that birth control is both so inexpensive that insurers and employers should object to offering it for free, and also an unacceptable economic burden for the nation's women. As Geraghty points out, if offering birth control coverage was actually cheaper for insurance companies than providing for paying for pregnancies, why wouldn't they have been offering already?

An art collector might have bought an original Leonardo for under $22,000.

Maybe teenagers don't need as much sleep as previously thought.