Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cruising the Web

Daniel Henninger looks at what the Obama budget says about the President's view of the government: it will tax the wealthy so that the government can figure out how to grow the economy by investing in preferred industries which will in turn help the economy grow.

If you don't like government bureaucrats decreeing what "preventive medicine" should include and who should have to pay for it, just wait until you get used to the "Obamacare Mandate Committee" deciding which services people may or not have insured or which cancer screenings your insurance will cover.

Matt Lewis says that Rick Santorum
would rather win the argument than the election.

Is it a mandate or a tax? When talking politically about the health insurance mandate, the Obama administration wanted to say it wasn't a tax. But now in arguing before the Supreme Court they are arguing that it is a tax because then it would fall within Congress's constitutional powers. But now Obama's acting OMB director testified before the House and said it was not a tax. Thus he directly contradicted the administration's brief before the Court. That's going to complicate the administration's defense of the Obamacare mandate. Sometimes talking out both sides of one's mouth comes back to haunt one.

Warren Buffett gets to play the role of both the Baptist and the Bootlegger.

The CSM explains why
it is a problem that that we are going into our fourth year without a budget.

Looking at the video that the Obama campaign put out to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his presidential campaign it is clear that what Obama wants to celebrate is Obama the Candidate from 2008, not the Obama who has been president for three years.