Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cruising the Web

Using science to figure out why Adele's "Someone Like You" successfully arouses emotions. It's very interesting; there seems to be a formula for jerking out our tears.

David Rivkin and Edward Whelan argue
that the President's mandate on religious organizations to offer insurance policies for contraception violates federal law. So expect another constitutional challenge to Obamacare.

How serendipitous. John Kerry got a nice little bonus placed into Obamacare that will benefit a hospital organization that has contributed to his own campaigns. Similar hospital associations in other states don't get the benefit and will have to pay to make up for the benefit to Massachusetts.

South Carolina is going to take on Eric Holder
and his war against voter photo identification requirements. The Supreme Court has already upheld such laws. Expect Holder to lose on this also.

Obama and the Democrats are lying that Romney wanted the auto industry to die simply because he didn't support a federal bailout. Both Romney and Obama wanted bankruptcy for GM and Chrysler. They just differed on how they wanted that accomplished.

Michael Boskin explains
why, as Larry Summers apparently wrote to Obama, "the government is a crappy venture capitalist." But Obama persists in thinking that he will do better at picking the future's winners and losers than the marketplace. We've seen this tried before and it hasn't worked.

Tony Lee at Human Events examines
possible VP selections for Mitt Romney. It's a mite bit early for that; Romney hasn't come anywhere near wrapping up the nomination. The sad thing is how the possible VP choices are so much more attractive than the possible presidential choices we've faced this year.

Politico comes up with seven clich├ęs that journalists should avoid.

Joe Queenan says we should forget about emulating Chinese and French mothers. He prefers Italian-American moms. It's all about the manicotti.