Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cruising the Web

A good question: Why on earth is the federal government subsidizing a $104,000 car being manufactured in Finland?

Tucker Carlson continues his series looking into Media Matters. Today it's the story of a proposal to target Fox News personalities in their public and private lives.

William McGurn has good advice for the Republicans this fall - make Harry Reid's Senate a major issue. Except for passing Obamacare and the stimulus, they've done nothing and that has been a deliberate policy. He doesn't even hold votes on issues that Obama says are a priority. And we're into our third year of no Senate budget.

James Taranto has some fun reading the NYT editorial page as they try to tell us what all the outrage at Obama's mandate on birth control for religious institutions are all about.

With all the spending increases in Obama's 2013 budget proposal, one program he wants to cut is money for Israel's missile defense system.

Jim Geraghty notes how sorry Obama seems to feel for himself.

Everyone recognizes how gimmicky and unrealistic the Obama budget is. But what is really notable is how he's using the budget as a political document to help his base and to give him talking points in the coming campaign. Addressing our fiscal problems and the doom of our entitlements - not so much.

Why is Romney's super PAC spending money
in Michigan attacking Newt Gingrich when Santorum is his real rival? It seems doubly stupid since disenchanted Gingrich voters will probably swell Santorum's support.

When spin is simply a lie. And you can revisit Jack Lew's lies from last year.

Dissecting a phony statistic.

Steve Kornacki has a very interesting historical recounting of all the times that political observers thought that there might be a deadlocked convention and how all these fantasies eventually yielded to political reality.