Friday, February 03, 2012

Cruising the Web

Peggy Noonan often seems like a bit of a society space cadet to me, but she nails the two points that she makes in her column today. First, she advises Romney to take his verbal gaffes as an opportunity to explain more fully his beliefs and the points he was trying to make. Let people see more of what he believes. And, as Noonan points out, the so-called Republican establishment isn't for Romney; they're still hoping that someone like Mitch Daniels or Paul Ryan could swoop in and take the nomination. The other point she makes is that the Obama administration has woken a sleeping giant with their ruling forcing Catholic institutions to offer health insurance covering procedures that they have religious beliefs against. In this case, Obama chose ideology over politics and the politics is going to be difficult for him.

Kimberley Strassel has some scary thoughts about how it may be difficult for the GOP to hold onto the House. Could we have a Speaker Pelosi again? Shudder.

Matt Lauer and Brian Williams are fighting over which one gets to have the annual gushing interview with President Obama before the Super Bowl. Can't we have our sports events without politics?

Jonah Goldberg has some consolation for conservatives trying
to come to terms with a Romney nomination.

Byron York reports
that the Obama campaign is trying to fundraise off of the shocking statements that Romney has made about his desire to defeat Barack Obama. Who knew that that was a Republican goal?

Why would Mitt Romney have cozied up to Donald Trump to accept his endorsement? Now he's going to have to answer questions about all of the wacky things that Trump has said, beginning with Trump's birther rumblings.

Daniel J. Mitchell has some eye-opening charts
comparing Obamanomics and Reaganomics and the effect on GDP growth and unemployment.

Mickey Kaus has some fun with a New Yorker piece about how Barack Obama spends his days.

Choosing a major has a direct connection to future employment possibilities.
What a shocking finding.

Eric Holder thinks he deserves more respect. Poor boo.

Another example of how Democrats don't truly support freedom of choice - their opposition to right-to-work laws.