Thursday, February 02, 2012

Cruising the Web

It's never too early: National Journal goes through possible vice presidential nominees for Romney to consider. It includes all the people that conservatives wish had been running this year, but for various reasons have chosen not to.

George Will looks at the "pettifogging laws"
that states are using to put the clamps on political speech.

Stuart Rothenberg goes through the reasons why Newt Gingrich may not last through to the end of the nomination fight. Meanwhile, Michael Barone makes the exact opposite argument. Choose your analysis.

Jim Vandehei explains why
things might not be looking as rosy for Obama's reelection hopes as it may seem today.

Daniel Henninger looks
at how, despite its faulty logic and departures from reality, Barack Obama's campaign speeches may very well allow Obama to ride the fantasy to reelection.

Why should anyone care whom Donald Trump endorses? The man is a joke. And I wouldn't think that Sharron Angle's endorsement would carry weight with anyone. I wish that politicians would realize that 98% of political endorsements don't matter at all and it just weakens a silly distraction.