Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cruising the Web

Thomas Sowell laments the "presumptuous ignorance" of those in government who think they know how to run a business.

John Taylor explains how important it is for us to have a stable long-term economic policy that would let business people know what to expect and to make plans within rules that follow principles of economic freedom.

Yuval Levin points out how the self-contradictions within Obama's State of the Union reveal how Obama doesn't really believe the moderate, even conservative platitudes, he uttered. Once again, he is putting on a mask to hide what he really believes. Instead of listening to him, look at what he has actually done. Veronique de Rugy has more on the self-contradictions and confusion in Obama's speech. For example, he excoriated the idea of government bailouts while touting the benefits of auto bailouts. And of course he was deceptive in his bragging on how well GM is now doing. And then he had the nerve to say that what was happening in Detroit could happen in other cities such as Pittsburgh or Raleigh. As a resident of Raleigh, I can say that we don't wish to emulate Detroit. For Obama, a government handout is not a handout if he's the one handing it out. For him, fairness is what he determines it to be instead of some objective standard.

What type of idiots work in the National Park Service who seem to believe that there is a First Amendment right to camp out on public land at public expense contrary to express laws that forbid such camping out?

Mona Charen is not happy with the message
that South Carolina sent that nothing matters as much as a candidate's ability to bash the media.
This fierce antagonist of liberalism -- the roaring lion who tells John King and Juan Williams where to get off -- confessed that in meetings with Bill Clinton "I melt when I'm around him. After I get out, I need two hours to detoxify. My people are nervous about me going in there because of the way I deal with this."

"His people" ought to be even more nervous now. I know I am.
Here's a moment of history - Jane Addams' Hull House is closing and filing for bankruptcy. It has been around since 1889. We just studied this in my AP US history class. Of course, it operated much differently now than it did back in Addams' day. Today it depended on government spending for the services it provided and many of its workers are unionized.

John Hinderaker covers the story of a Democratic operative in Iowa who has been arrested for trying to pretend to be the Republican Secretary of State to falsely implicate him in supposed unethical behavior in office. It sounds like something very dirty was going on among Democratic operatives in Iowa.

Hugh Hewitt and Scott Johnson point to this story in the Orlando Sentinel about how the DNC and its union allies are running ads n Florida attacking Romney. Apparently, they've concluded that Gingrich would be a weaker opponent to face in the Fall so they're trying to help him out. The model for this could be Richard Nixon whose campaign committee worked to help George McGovern get the 1972 nomination. This tactic could rebound to help Romney portray himself as the one the Democrats fear most just as Newt Gingrich is probably helped by Nancy Pelosi slyly hinting that she knows something devastating about him that she's not telling us.

Newt Gingrich is now claiming that he "helped create 27 million jobs because he's taking credit for jobs created after the Reagan tax reform and the 1996 welfare reform. The man's hubris knows no bounds. I guess he shares the Obama idea that government is the entity that creates jobs.