Monday, January 23, 2012

Cruising the Web

The WSJ outlines how President Obama was deliberately disregarding the law as he signed it in December that included the rider mandating a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline which mandated the government not require any new environmental impact statement.

The Washington Post gives
three Pinocchios to Obama's use of one of their columns in an ad.

Here's a nice profile of Bret Baier
and his rise to prominence at Fox News. I still, however, miss Brit Hume.

California's own analysis of Jerry Brown's budget warns against depending on increased taxes on the wealthy to fix California's budgetary mess. Since those individuals' incomes tend to rise and fall, Brown would be tying California's economic future to a very uncertain source.

Despite his loss on Saturday in SC, the structure of the GOP nomination calendar and delegate rules favor Romney's candidacy. Of course, a lot of that could evaporate if Newt finds a way to translate his victory in SC into more money and better organization going forward.

Watch for unions
to try to target the Super Bowl in their protests over the efforts to pass Right to Work laws in Indiana. The Democratic legislators are fleeing their jobs rather than allow the legislature to have a quorum so they can pass such a bill.

Ross Douhat has an interesting column
looking at the three characteristics he believes are necessary in a successful candidate and explains how rare it is to find a candidate who has all three.

Nate Silver looks at the evidence that this year will be different from the paradigm that other nomination battles have fallen into. It's still too early to tell. Once again, the eyes of political watchers are all on Florida, the state that went rogue in order to move up his primary in contravention of the party rules. They wanted to have more influence and now is their chance to exercise that influence.