Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cruising the Web

Over at Red State, they're having some fun photoshopping their own Newsweek covers. This is my favorite.
Meanwhile, Niles Gardiner flips Andrew Sullivan's story title and asks "Why are Obama's Critics So Smart?"

Along the same lines, over at the NYT, Thomas Edsall talks to some liberal academics and intellectuals to ask them what they like about conservative thought. And Andy Stern even has some nice things to say. It almost makes one hopeful about finding common ground. Of course, there is a big difference between what an academic is willing to concede and what a politician will acknowledge.

And with Romney admitting that he probably pays a 15% rate on his taxes, we know now the basic information we'd get from his releasing his tax forms. But is the real scandal that Romney takes advantage of the tax laws since most of his income is in capital gains or that we have those loopholes in the first place? Would you expect a smart man not to take advantage of what the law provides?

Thomas Sowell reminds us of the sorts of disparities that don't seem to earn public attention and national whining as the disparities in wealth do.

Investors still aren't investing. Unfortunately, the Democrats don't realize how their policies discourage the very sorts of investment that we need for the economy to come back fully. If those policies were to change, we'd see an amazing jump-start to the economy once investors take their money out from their mattresses.

So the new guy that Obama just put in as the head of the OMB once worked for Bain. That sorta clutters up the whole demonization of Bain that the Obama campaign is gearing up to unleash.

It's embarrassing that Canada is going so ahead of us when it comes to the economic growth possible from exploiting energy resources.

John Steele Gordon gives us a short history
of private equity investment and how such firms have been intricately involved in our nation's history going back to the join-stock companies that helped fund the Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay colonies.

Jonah Goldberg recommends
having some fun with kids today as Wikipedia goes dark.

Jay Cost analyzes the recent uptick in Obama's polls
. Most of it is coming from Democrats liking him more now than they did a couple of months ago. That makes sense. He's campaigning for their affections. And they are seeing him in contrast to the Republicans and their criticisms of Obama. No surprise that they're rallying around their guy. But while Obama consolidates his support in his own party, he's still underwater among independents. That is his real problem.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great essay on the Obamas' racial politics. For a politician who was supposed to be a post-racial candidate, he and his allies certainly do spend a lot of time emphasizing race. The list of those sorts of racial appeals that Obama has made go on and on. Expect more and more as the campaign unfolds.

This is nice: Spud Webb can still dunk a ball at age 47.