Monday, January 16, 2012

Cruising the Web

The New York Post looks at the history of New York City's gun laws. It might not be what you'd have imagined.

Jimmy Carter has been mouthing off again
about how happy he is to see the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt. And he says the Obama administration is also happy. They have no comment.

CBS News reports on the other Solyndras in Obama's energy policies. The companies are now going out of business. But the Department of Energy knew that they were fragile companies and invested the government's money anyway.

Powerline has an amusing exchange
between the Deputy Editor of The New Yorker and the director of communications at Koch Companies. Koch has them dead-to-rights, but The New Yorker refuses to admit that they made a mistake. Typical.

This is too funny. Gingrich supporters are alleging that the vote was rigged at that Evangelical gathering over the weekend to pick their anti-Romney choice. But these were evangelical leaders; surely they couldn't have been guilty of stuffing ballot boxes.

How The Charlotte Observer gulled its readers so that it could run a hit piece on Romney and paint him as the candidate of Wall Street and bankers, while ignoring how Obama has raised so much more money from those sources.

The facts and stats are in: this is the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

I guess third place in New Hampshire wasn't a ticket to ride after all. BuzzFeed has the inside story on how hiring John McCain's campaign director, and former Democratic campaign adviser just wasn't a smart move. Hint to future candidates: running on your contempt for your party and its voters is just not a good strategy.

Barack Obama is campaigning on his will to act if Congress won't. Unfortunately, that's just not the way our government is supposed to act. As Michael Barone points out, Barack Obama doesn't think much of asserting that his way is better than the Framers of the Constitution.