Monday, January 09, 2012

Cruising the Web

So this is President Obama's selling point for reelection: elect him because he won't get along with Congress?

If you're looking for why Gingrich's support collapsed - look at his personality. People just don't like him very much when they saw Newt be Newt.

It isn't a sudden decision for Obama to abandon focusing his appeal to the white working class. They were the ones who abandoned him or never supported him in the first place.

One thing just about everyone can agree on from Saturday's debate was that they couldn't stand Diane Sawyer. It's a mystery to me that she has lasted so long with her irritating, phony shtick and mannerisms.

When I tuned in to the debate on Saturday, I caught the last few minutes of a show on ABC, "Wipeout" which seems to be a version of those old Nickelodeon shows where kids would attempt some task, fail, and then green slime would fall on them. While men tried to go through an impossible obstacle course, two guys offered a very irritating color analysis. Then the debates started and it seemed to be an oratorical continuation of the same concept with Obnoxious George and Irritating Diane.

For your next debate previewing, here is a profoundly, fundamentally transformational Bingo card of Newt Gingrich's favorite verbal tics.

Rob Walker gives a defense of our long electoral process.

George Will explains to liberals what the end result is of their redistributionist policies is a bigger government and more money for the biggest corporations.

Jay Cost explains how the nomination rules of our electoral system in the Republican party are rigged against grassroots conservatives.

Santorum and Gingrich launched their most effective attack on Romney in Sunday morning's debate by pointing out that he didn't run for reelection as governor in 2006, not for some noble desire to return to being a citizen, but because he knew he couldn't win and didn't want a major loss on his record when he ran for president. Trying to pretend that he'd accomplished all he set out to do and wanted to go into the world of business was, just as Newt said, "pious baloney."

Here is a succinct explanation of an amicus brief submitted by Mario Loyola, Richard Epstein, and Ilya Shapiro that explains why the entire bill cannot exist without the individual mandate based on what happened in states that did try to enact laws such as in Obamacare forcing companies to insure people no matter their prior conditions. without a mandate. Without the mandate, we have adverse-selection with people logically deciding not to buy insurance because they knew that the law would force insurance companies to provide them coverage once they got sick. This bankrupts the insurance companies. If the Court strikes down the individual mandate, the rest of the bill must also go or it will be a disaster.

Applying the theory behind the tragedy of the commons
to the GOP debates.

Chris Christie demonstrates how to deal with Occupy Wall Street protesters.

If we evaluate Obama's foreign policy initiatives, we find that they have been failures.

A new study by economists at Harvard and Columbia followed an amazing two-and-a-half million students for over 20 years and concluded that having a good teacher in fourth grade could make an amazing difference in that student's lifetime success. They defined a good teacher as a high-value-added teacher who raised student performance on standardized tests.
I think teachers who are high-value-added and are raising test scores are having tremendous benefits for their students.

So, for example, a teacher who is in the top 5 percent, an excellent teacher, we calculate generates about $250,000 or more of additional earnings for their students over their lives in a single classroom of about 28 students.