Friday, January 06, 2012

Cruising the Web

Kimberley Strassel notes that both Romney and Santorum are targeting specific appeals to the working class, but that this is part for the same sorts of class-warfare arguments that the Democrats make. They should have a message for all people, not just the working class. When it comes to class warfare, the Democrats will always be better at using the government to reward one set of people over another.

James Pethokoukis has been channeling Charles Murray to make the argument that we are making a mistake if we tell students that they all should be going to a four-year college. There are plenty of good-paying jobs that should not necessitate a four-year degree.

Conservatives want to band together behind one candidate in South Carolina, but they still can't decide who is their guy. And that's been the problem all along.

Newt is still a cry baby.

John Podhoretz marvels at how Obama seems to think that voters who are angry that he has exercised too much power in his policies will find it appealing that he is now doing things without congressional approval. His recess appointments are a sign of his weakness in getting his agenda adopted by Congress. Is he going to have any more luck if he wins reelection and still faces GOP leadership in the House and perhaps the Senate and is himself immediately dubbed a lame duck as he goes into a second term? Do people want to vote for four more years of an imperial executive who just asserts right without any constitutional precedent?

Sweden now recognizes the Church of Kopimism when thinks copying and pasting are sacraments. When anything can be a religion, there is no meaning in the word.

David Brooks admits that Obama was more liberal than he originally thought. Glad he finally bought a clue.

Even hard-scrabble Rick Santorum was able to become a millionaire upon leaving Congress. Nothing wrong with that, but it is an indication of the cozy world within which politicians operate. Just think of how much money Obama will be able to make once he leaves office.

Come on, admit it - you just gotta click on over to see the painting that is the subject of this headline: Woman Scratches, Rubs Butt over $30M Painting. I'm not sure if they could tell if she'd made a difference in the painting.

Jim Geraghty
links to this fun Twitter feed of "Newt Gingrich's Ideas." One idea: "Put lead paint chips in bananas to prevent Planet of the Apes scenario."