Monday, January 02, 2012

Cruising the Web

Happy New Year to all my readers. My best wishes for everyone to have a happy, healthy 2012. And don't fret the Mayans.

George Will thinks that 2012 could be a good year if the GOP takes the Senate. Plus he's encouraged by the signs of common sense among the electorate on energy issues.

Ron Paul, for all his rhetoric about shrinking the government, doesn't have a plan for how to deal with entitlements. He has no proposal to deal with the rising spending on entitlements that will soon eat up the entire federal budget. His only stab at a plan is to cut spending on defense. That won't do it. And oh yes, he wants to have an "adult conversation" on the topic. Big whoopty-doo.

Gretchen Morgenson observes that Wall Street and Washington teamed up to make some of the same sorts of mistakes that we were supposed to have learned from after the Great Recession.

Kyle Smith wonders why feminists hated Margaret Thatcher so much. It turns out that they didn't care about any of the stylistic complaints about women making it on their own. What they really care about is left-wing politics. And Rich Lowry feels that we could use a Margaret Thatcher today.

Obama's plan for reelection: celebrate his inability to get along with Congress and then try to go around them as much as possible. He will embody the imperial presidency.

Newt's Super PAC is attacking Charles Krauthammer for his criticisms of Newt. I don't think they'll get very far with the idea that Krauthammer is "a bit jealous of Newt's intellect." Please.

The RNC has some New Years' resolutions for Obama and other Democrats.

Ugly dog breeds are surging
in popularity. Now, if only that would happen for ugly people.

Mark Steyn contemplates Seasonal Stockholm Syndrome felt by those who suffer by having to go back to work on January 2.


mark said...

Funny, I always thought people made resolutions for themselves, not for others. Given the approval of repubs in Congress, the circus of the primaries and the fact that repubs are about to nominate someone who instituted (gasp!) mandates, perhaps they should consider a few for themselves. But then, why be accountable for you own failures when you can blame others?

Skay said...

Happy New Year Betsy.

Mark - you do remember thtat the Dems and Harry Reid are in charge in the Senate. When people say they are not happy with "Congress" --the Democrats and Harry are included.

"But then, why be accountable for you own failures when you can blame others?"
Hello pot--this is the kettle---coming from an Obama voter - that is funny.

mark said...

But of course, skay/suek, I have been critical of Obama (and Geitner, and Rangel, which exposes yet another lie by tfhr).
Repubs have absolved Bush of all problems with the Iraq war and the economy that melted down on his watch (yet somehow give him full credit for killing OBL. How does that work?). Obama's failures on turning around the economy do not let Bush off the hook.
As I've said, Obama does not deserve another term. However, repubs have a responsibility to put up a reasonable alternative. They insulted our country with the likes of Trump and Cain.
If the choice ends up being a guy who instituted mandates, it will be evidence that all the rhetoric about "Obamacare" was merely fake outrage for the sake of politics.

sean said...

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Thank you

Skay said...

skay/suek----Something else you are wrong about.

"merely fake outrage for the sake of politics."
Oh--that's even funnier coming from an Obama voter.

Happy New Year, Mark.

mark said...

Wrong about what, skay/suek?
And Happy 2012 to you(and everyone).