Friday, December 09, 2011

A divider, not a uniter

Remember when the Barack Obama persona was about how there was no red America or blue America and that we should stop demonizing those with whom we disagree? I know, I know. That seems like a different century from today's view of three years of this man as president. Now he'll tell us that he isn't engaging in class warfare and then go ahead and do what he just said he wouldn't do. Peter Kirsanow has a wonderful post up with a non-exhaustive list of the phrases that Obama used during his Osawatomie speech.
‘This Isn’t About Class Warfare’

. . . President Obama said during (and about) his speech in Osawatomie, Kansas on Tuesday. Except that a quick scan of his remarks shows that he singled out the following as having an “unfair” advantage, “tricking families,” “getting rich,” and engaging in all manner of depredation, generally at the expense of the middle class:

“those at the very top”

“the privileged few”

“insurance companies”

“typical CEO”

“the top one percent”

“mortgage lenders that tricked families into buying homes”

“somebody pulling in $50 million”

“Wall Street”

“failed CEOs”

“payday lenders”

“most Republicans in Washington”

“some billionaires”

“the financial sector”

“the wealthiest Americans in the country”

“your employer”

“Republicans in Congress”

“a certain crowd in Washington”

“Republicans in the Senate”

“banks and institutions making bets with other people’s money”

“the same folks who are running Congress now”

“Warren Buffet”

“debt collectors”

“a quarter of all millionaires”

“the top one hundredth percent”

“major banks”

“ a few who can afford high-priced lobbyists”

“the wealthiest Americans in the country”

“those who would go back to policies that stacked the deck against the middle class”

“the breathtaking greed of a few”

“big banks”

The list is not exhaustive.

He was not being divisive. Just channeling the Rough Rider, that’s all.


tfhr said...

This one jumps out:

“banks and institutions making bets with other people’s money”

Kind of like handing taxpayers' money to your cronies at Solyndra, no?

ic said...

‘This Isn’t About Class Warfare’

This is about those who haven't "contributed" enough for his re-election campaigns.

“banks and institutions making bets with other people’s money”

Wonder why they pay interest to those other people and finance mortgages to other other people? They used to pay interest.

Jeanette said...

He might as well have included himself since not many days ago he bragged his children will never be poor or something like that. I try not to listen to him.

He makes it sound as though Congress is just the Republicans in the House and not the wacky Democrats who control the Senate.

I think a lot of people are seeing through him this time. This time we have a record to compare him to, even though he still tries to vote "present" when something that requires a tough decision by him comes up.

I pray God takes hold of him in his last year of his only term and shows him all the damage he has done to our country and to Israel.

mark said...

Yes, Jeanette, I'm sure God will scold Obama for providing health care to poor children. He'd probably want us to scrap those stupid child labor laws so that poor kids could scrub toilets after school (let's say, @ $2/hr.)

tfhr said...


While you're obviously worried about the sudden repeal of child labor laws, you might also want to consider the fate of the parents of those children. Obama spent two years of his first term trying to create a government healthcare system instead of breaking down barriers to economic growth and working to create better conditions for job growth. If he had just listened to Slow Joe Biden and done something about that "three letter word, J-O-B-S", you might not have to worry about sending children back into the sweat shops. I don't know how you reconcile yourself with the choice you made for President when the results will be child slave labor.

The simple fact is that his misguided and ill-conceived "ObamaCare", is an impediment to economic growth. So rant on about sending kids into the coal mines but they're to be closed and their fathers that work there are on the way out thanks to Obama's stated goal of making coal power plants unaffordable through his no-growth, lefty cap and trade policies.

"So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted." ~ Obama, 17 JAN 2008.

I foresee a lump of coal in your stocking this year, mark.

mark said...

Nope, no worries here that child labor laws will be repealed. Our country is too decent to allow it. I'm just amazed that the person who proposes it is the leading candidate to be our president.

Is it a goal of your's to make one incredibly idiotic statement each week. This week's entry:

I don't know how you reconcile yourself with the choice you made for President when the results will be child slave labor.

What's your deal with horrible things being done to children?

tfhr said...


No, when we want "horrible things being done to children", we call the teachers unions up for that.

Locally, we send the kids to public schools in the District of Columbia where we will spend more per student than local private schools spend while turning out children that do not have the tools to move ahead in life. Horrible. Except if you are political elites like the Obamas, Gores, and Clintons, then we send our kids to private schools in the District. What I don't understand is why Obama blocks District parents, who lack great wealth or political connections, from accessing more private school opportunities, through vouchers, for their kids. Oh, wait, yes I do. He's got the unions to consider first! Horrible priorities!

mark said...

Gee, all over the place with with your Obama-hatred. Focus, tfhr, focus!

tfhr said...


You brought up kids and abuse in response to another post here, so I'd say the next logical step is to look at the sorry state of public education and that gets us to politicians that cater to unions, don't you agree? Or do you think unions are more important than children?

By the way mark, it is possible to disagree with policy without "hating" someone, as you say. But then as a long time sufferer of BDS, that ship already sailed leaving you on the dock.

mark said...

You whine about me not having 100% evidence when I state an opinion (even pretending to be neutral on Sandusky) I accurately quoted Newt Gingrich, allowing that he would at some point attempt to "clarify" those remarks. Last week you and Cowboy Pat defended those remarks. Today you claim the Obama presidency would lead to child slave labor.

"I don't know how you reconcile yourself with the choice you made for President when the results will be child slave labor."

Do you have any evidence whatsoever to support that? Or would you like to retract it?

tfhr said...


I was mocking you and the tone you took with Jeanette earlier in the thread.

I guess the problem is that you were taking yourself seriously when you scrabbled together your response to her. I thought you were just kidding around for effect.

Maybe you really are deranged.

mark said...

Good try, tfhr. It took you three posts to come up with the 'hey, I was just kidding' defense.
It usually takes you longer to realize how idiotic your comments are and try to change "the jist":
Your claim that OBL was dead based on a decrease in communiques; your claim that "respect for the Constitution" requires us to remain neutral on all legal issues; and now saying the Obama presidency will lead to child slave labor.

The only correct thing you've said in the last few weeks is that I'd rather mock you and the repubs than defend Obama.
Unfortunately, that is true. It's hard to defend Obama, but there are some things I will gladly defend (such as providing health care for poor children). It is much easier to make fun of the repub candidates and you.

tfhr said...


You're the one that ran off on a hysterical rant about Gingrich wanting to do away with child labor laws. I mocked you by merely holding the mirror up to your face. No kidding.

You are so deranged. Show me where I said "neutral on all legal issues", as you claim. I said you shouldn't declare the accused "guilty" without a trial. Wow, I guess that's pretty radical thought for someone of your political persusasion. The fact that you run around shrieking "fraud" or "liar" when anyone dares to deviate from your political view is pathetic but your lack of regard for The Constitution is disturbing.

I recall that you said you had never voted for the same President twice. Hopefully you will carry on with that tradition even as you continue to attempt to deflect for Obama's resounding failures.