Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cruising the Web

Hans von Spakovsky rips Eric Holder's politically-motivated actions on blocking South Carolina's new voter ID law. When the facts and data are not in Holder's way, he just resorts to racial demagoguery.

Here's a moment that I wish I hadn't learned about: Arlen Specter doing a stand-up comedy routine where some of the jokes were not printable in a family newspaper. Ugh. The ones that were printable were not that funny. I'd say he should stick to his day job, but he doesn't have that one any more. Oh, and here is the video of his routine.

Jeff Jacoby speaks up for the crass commercialism of the season.

This tells you all that you need to know about the Arab League's condemnation of government violence in Syria: the man they chose to monitor the situation was the Sudanese general who led the janjaweed groups that were behind the genocide in Darfur.
The irony of sending a war criminal to try and stop the commission of war crimes is lost on the Arab League. It is also lost on Syria’s dissidents who continue to be killed and harassed by the government with the so-called monitors doing nothing.
It says it all right there. The Arab League doesn't give a flip about massacring civilians and they don't care who knows it.

What a surprise: Economists don't give Obama and his administration very high marks.

Several bloggers are coming out with their endorsements for the GOP primaries, or at least their positions on Romney. John Hinderaker of Powerline endorses Mitt Romney. His co-blogger, Scott Johnson, resists the bandwagon for Romney. John Hawkins explains his seven reasons to oppose Romney. Face it, we're left with choosing the least bad candidate. They all have problems. Hawkins makes a good argument about why Romney won't be as electable as people think; he's going to get hammered by his experience at Bain Capital. That's all very true, but this may be the one election when Romney wouldn't be as damaged by that as he would be in other years.

How lame is this: Newt Gingrich is now explaining away his vacation in Greece at the start of his campaign as his need to investigate the Greek fiscal crisis up close. Sure. It's taken him six months to come up with that excuse. Please. Pull another one, Newt.

Karl Rove is out
with his political predictions for next year. He doesn't predict who the GOP nominee will be, though he predicts that Obama will lose. Also intriguingly, he predicts that Pelosi or Reid, or both, will leave their leadership positions.

Ron Paul volunteers are told to behave according to the standard, WWRPD. In other words, no tatoos, drinking, drugs, or tweeting.

Timothy Carney exposes the lies behind Obama's claim not to take money from lobbyists.

In the District of Columbia, the police union is claiming that policemen have been shifted from their normal neighborhood beats in order to patrol Occupy DC protesters. And they also claim that violent crime has increased in the past month.