Friday, December 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

Los Angeles is having to trim its budget in order to pay for the millions that they had to pay due to the Occupy LA movement.

Something else to blame bush for - the weak Republican field. Though the argument is rather a stretch.

Ron Paul can't make up his mind on the source of the racist comments in his newsletters from the 1990s. It's such a bad story for Paul that he walked out of a CNN interview when pressed on the story of those newsletters.

John Taylor makes a lot of sense - a major problem holding back economic growth is the instability in our tax policy. What economists understand, but not politicians is that temporary tax cuts don't lead to sustainable economic growth. Businessmen make decisions based on the longterm and not a few months' reduction in taxes.

This won't be good for Mitt Romney: he's refusing to release his tax returns. That's never good for a presidential candidate.

Ed Morrissey reminds us of when Ron Paul was praising Bradley Manning. And there are people who actually believe that this guy should be commander-in-chief?

George Will is where I am
on Newt Gingrich's proposals to force the judiciary to yield to elected officials when he doesn't like their decisions.
Judicial deference to majorities can, however, be a dereliction of the judicial duty to oppose actions irreconcilable with constitutional limits on what majorities may do. Gingrich’s campaign against courts repudiates contemporary conservatism’s core commitment to limited government....Gingrich’s unsurprising descent into sinister radicalism — intimidation of courts — is redundant evidence that he is not merely the least conservative candidate, he is thoroughly anti-conservative. He disdains the central conservative virtue, prudence, and exemplifies progressivism’s defining attribute — impatience with impediments to the political branches’ wielding of untrammeled power. He exalts the will of the majority of the moment, at least as he, tribune of the vox populi, interprets it.

Here's the story of how California Democrats got around the voters who had chosen to put redistricting in the hands of a citizens' commission.

Jim Geraghty wishes for an "all-surrogate debate" with Bobby Jindal for Perry, Chris Christie for Romney, and J.C. Watts for Gingrich. Heck, forget the debate; how about an all-surrogate election instead of the one we have?

Typical liberal demagoguery to try to equate voter ID laws with Jim Crow and other forms of racial discrimination. It's all one more example of how Eric Holder is politicizing the Justice Department.

President Obama: Our Fourth Best President:


mark said...

Not only Mitt's tax records, but he spent a nice chunk of money (including taxpayers') to wipe out e-mails and records while he was gov.

If folks here have any delusions that Romney will be a leader, take note of his refusal to weigh in on the payroll tax cut battle. He's not shy about telling us what he'd do on a host of issues. But that issue is out of bounds?

Paul said...

Mitt should release his tax records when Obama releases his University transcripts....

tfhr said...


Obama offered no leadership during the 2008 financial crisis. McCain left the trail to attend to the issue while Obama kept his mouth shut (for once) and his eye on the prize. It was an excellent opportunity for Obama to step up but instead he did nothing but continue his campaign as if that was the most important thing he could do. Sadly, this was a good example of his inability to lead and clear evidence that all he can do is campaign.

mark, instead of ceaselessly attacking Obama's opposition, why not advocate for Obama's successful policies by offering up some examples?

tfhr said...

That Obama video (sponsored by Solyndra!) was hilarious. He's already got that Nobel Prize and I guess the only thing keeping him off of Mount Rushmore is the enormity of his massive, massive head! I guess they'll have to put it in one of the other 57 states.

Rick Caird said...

tfhr has failed to remind mark of the on again of again of Obama during the whole P/R fisaco. First, it was pass it for one year. Then it was I will veto any bill that addresses the Keystone pipeline. Then, it was pass the 6 months, but I will not get involved.

mark has a very selective memory when it come to Obama. Next up, we can talk about Obama implemented all Bush's GWOT policies that he railed against during the campaign. But, I guess that was different.

Terrye said...

mark, no he did not...he put all that stuff in written form and put it in fact this is not an unusual thing to do.

As for Mitt's tax returns, he has said he will release any financial documents that the law requires...why should he do more than that?

mark said...

He requested and received permission to destroy 150 boxes of documents.
He spent almost $100,000 of taxpayer money to change out hard-drives. Now he says he is not releasing his tax returns (which is usual practice).
All legal. All suspicious. I suspect that he'll take such a beating for this that he'll finally relent, making it far worse than had he just released them in the first place. We'll see.

tfhr said...

mark is bent out of shape over $100K spent - legally - but doesn't seem to give a hoot about the $4,000,000.00 spent by our current President for his holiday vacation in Hawaii. I don't begrudge the man's desire to take a vacation but who needs to send his family separately when they could have traveled together. Imagine how much more carbon was pumped into the environment because Michelle couldn't be bothered to wait a day or two?

Given mark's great fear that the oceans will rise because we're not all buying Chevy Volts, I'm surprised that he still has such admiration for the man and his wife. Why can't the First Lady wait a few days to ride in the same plane as her husband? It would have saved the tax payers millions of dollars over the course of their one term.