Friday, December 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

Los Angeles is having to trim its budget in order to pay for the millions that they had to pay due to the Occupy LA movement.

Something else to blame bush for - the weak Republican field. Though the argument is rather a stretch.

Ron Paul can't make up his mind on the source of the racist comments in his newsletters from the 1990s. It's such a bad story for Paul that he walked out of a CNN interview when pressed on the story of those newsletters.

John Taylor makes a lot of sense - a major problem holding back economic growth is the instability in our tax policy. What economists understand, but not politicians is that temporary tax cuts don't lead to sustainable economic growth. Businessmen make decisions based on the longterm and not a few months' reduction in taxes.

This won't be good for Mitt Romney: he's refusing to release his tax returns. That's never good for a presidential candidate.

Ed Morrissey reminds us of when Ron Paul was praising Bradley Manning. And there are people who actually believe that this guy should be commander-in-chief?

George Will is where I am
on Newt Gingrich's proposals to force the judiciary to yield to elected officials when he doesn't like their decisions.
Judicial deference to majorities can, however, be a dereliction of the judicial duty to oppose actions irreconcilable with constitutional limits on what majorities may do. Gingrich’s campaign against courts repudiates contemporary conservatism’s core commitment to limited government....Gingrich’s unsurprising descent into sinister radicalism — intimidation of courts — is redundant evidence that he is not merely the least conservative candidate, he is thoroughly anti-conservative. He disdains the central conservative virtue, prudence, and exemplifies progressivism’s defining attribute — impatience with impediments to the political branches’ wielding of untrammeled power. He exalts the will of the majority of the moment, at least as he, tribune of the vox populi, interprets it.

Here's the story of how California Democrats got around the voters who had chosen to put redistricting in the hands of a citizens' commission.

Jim Geraghty wishes for an "all-surrogate debate" with Bobby Jindal for Perry, Chris Christie for Romney, and J.C. Watts for Gingrich. Heck, forget the debate; how about an all-surrogate election instead of the one we have?

Typical liberal demagoguery to try to equate voter ID laws with Jim Crow and other forms of racial discrimination. It's all one more example of how Eric Holder is politicizing the Justice Department.

President Obama: Our Fourth Best President: