Friday, December 09, 2011

Cruising the Web

Apparently, there is big business in those ugly Christmas sweaters.

California is a fiscal nightmare. And it is what the country's future would be if Obama got his way.

It is clear that Eric Holder learned the important lessons from his time serving in Bill Clinton's administration. Now he's trying to explain to Congress the difference between lying and misleading Congress. Just the sort of distinction that we look to in our attorney general.

Apparently, that meeting between Newt Gingrich and conservative leaders didn't go as swimmingly as first portrayed. Of course, a similar meeting with Mitt Romney wouldn't have been all that pleasant either.

Herman Cain considering doing a radio or TV show.
I think that was this was all about and he was surprised to rise to the top of the polls and be discussed as the leading candidate.

Peggy Noonan proposes
a bumper sticker for Newt. "Newt Gingrich: It's all true." All the good and all the bad.

Steven Malanga debunks the myth
of local government layoffs that Biden has been peddling.
Take local education workers. Hiring has far outpaced the growth in student enrollment, driving down the number of students per teacher in American public schools to 15.6 in 2010 from 26.9 in 1955, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Robust hiring has continued even during periods of enrollment declines, including from 1971 through 1984, when the number of public-school students fell virtually every year, declining in total by 15%, while the ranks of teachers grew by 7%.

But we rarely hear much about enrollment levels when education staffing is debated. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for instance, show that local education employment is back to about where it was in 2006 after recent cutbacks. Sound terrible? Maybe not so much when you consider that public-school enrollment has been stagnant since 2006.
And so it goes with the misleading stories and rhetoric.

Just what the Red Cross needs to be concerned over - possible violations of the Hague and Geneva conventions games.