Monday, December 05, 2011

Cruising the Web

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey explains why neither Elena Kagan nor Clarence Thomas need or should recuse themselves from the case hearing the constitutionality of the health-care law.

Ross Douhat makes the argument that Occupy Wall Street is, at least, better than the union-backed protests in Wisconsin or the environmentalist protests against the XL Keystone pipeline.
Better a protest movement that casts itself (however quixotically) as the defender of “the 99 percent” than a protest movement that just represents Democratic interest groups. And better a left that flirts with utopianism than a left that adheres to the dictum attributed to Leonid Brezhnev during the Prague Spring: “Don’t talk to me about ‘socialism.’ What we have, we hold.”

Joshua Green writes that "If Gingrich is the answer, the Tea Party has failed." Absolutely.

Friday's administration document dump on Fast and furious proves that they were misleading the public and Congress back in February. The only remaining question is why the administration adopted the policy in the first place. Don't expect any answers.

When the president regards private business as the enemy, it's no surprise that he adopts policies that cost jobs.
But government’s metabolic urge to boss people around has grown exponentially and today CKE’s California restaurants are governed by 57 categories of regulations. One compels employees to take breaks during the busiest hours, lest one of California’s 200,000 lawyers comes trolling for business at the expense of business.

Barack Obama has written that during his very brief sojourn in the private sector he felt like “a spy behind enemy lines.” Puzder knows what it feels like when gargantuan government is composed of multitudes of regulators who regard business as the enemy. And 22.9 million Americans who are unemployed, underemployed or too discouraged to look for employment know what it feels like to be collateral damage in the regulatory state’s war on business.

Does Barack Obama have a tin ear?

Robert Samuelson explains how Europe's financial crisis is an inevitable result of an expanded welfare state accompanied by sluggish economic and demographic growth. The model is unsustainable. And what can't be sustained, collapses. Americans should take note.

Anti-teacher union groups are growing
in that bastion of union strength - Los Angeles. There is a growing divide between young and older teachers. The newer teachers see how the unions are making it harder for them to find or keep jobs. And they don't see why they should be so opposed to jobs being based on merit rather than seniority.