Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beware Ron Paul's views on Israel

Ron Paul has a formidable organization of dedicated supporters in Iowa. And organization matters a lot. And there may be plenty of people who have grown disgusted with the Newt-Mitt battles and want to send a message by picking the next guy. But, as Philip Klein writes, using a vote for Paul to send a political message will end up endorsing Paul's noxious views on foreign policy, particularly on Israel.
But the reality is that on numerous occasions, Paul has crossed the line from merely saying America should stay out of all conflicts, to actively attacking Israel and taking the Palestinians' side -- even when the non-interventionists should theoretically remain silent.

Nearly three years ago, Israel launched a counterattack on Palestinian terrorists in Gaza who had been firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. In early January 2009, Paul released a web video in which he charged that Israel was launching a "pre-emptive war," that Palestinians were living in a "concentration camp" and that they merely had "a few small missiles."

He then repeated this claim on Press TV -- the state-owned propaganda channel of Iran's Islamist government. "To me, I look at it like a concentration camp, and people are making homemade bombs," he said of the situation in Gaza, adding sarcastically, "like they're they aggressors?"

Not only did Paul inaccurately portray Israel as the aggressor, and ignore the Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorist attacks, but he also played into the global propaganda campaign to delegitimize Israel. Israel's enemies think that Jews have exploited global sympathy for the Holocaust, so they routinely liken Israelis to Nazis with phrases like "concentration camp."
Voters may like the purity of his desire to cut spending, but that is not all a presidential candidate should be judged upon. President Obama has been the president most hostile to Israel since 1948. That would change with the election of a Republican president. So why would good conservatives want to support a guy who regards Israel as an aggressor who has set up a concentration camp in Gaza?

While a vote for Paul in Iowa would help Romney, Republican voters should consider the bigger picture. If they want to send a message, vote for Santorum, Perry, or Bachmann. Don't vote for someone of Paul's views.