Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Crusing the Web

Don't trust polls of Iowa. The caucuses are notoriously difficult to poll.

Chris Wallace called out Mitt Romney
for not appearing on his Sunday show. But that is of a piece with his strategy of limiting his press availabilities during the campaign. That's what the press means by saying that he's a very disciplined candidate. He won't talk much to them.

Just what the GOP field needs is a debate hosted by "the View."

Ugh. The worst metaphor yet for how Republicans are grudgingly accepting Mitt Romney - comparing him to Charlotte Lucas's marriage of convenience to Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice.

What the NEA prefers to spend its money on.

Lee Habeeb notes that Joe Biden comes from Governmentland where jobs are "permanent."

Factchecking David Axelrod
on what "all economists agree" that Obama's job bill will create millions of jobs. Sure.