Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cruising the Web

This is not good news for NC governor Bev Perdue. Candidates for reelection never want to see stories with their names, the phrase "top aide," and indictments in the lead paragraph.

John Hawkins has a very nice compilation
of his favorite quotes from Milton Friedman. I wish he were still around to comment on today's economy and the administration's policies.

Ezra Klein makes an interesting point about the way that the GOP primaries are scheduled. There are the early primaries and then sort of a break until the Super Tuesday primaries in March. The impact might be to give voters a chance to exercise voters' remorse if they aren't as happy as they might be with whomever wins the early candidates. And, as Klein indicates, this benefits Mitt Romney who will have the money to hang around even if he loses to Gingrich in the early states.

Walter Russell Mead tears apart that obnoxious Harold Bloom column from last week worrying about electing a Mormon.
There are scores of other Mormon congressmen and elected officials from both parties who escape the censure of Professor Bloom and the Times. The only one who seems to worry them is the one who might end up getting the Republican nomination for president. In some circles, this would look like a cheap shot: stirring up religious bigotry to slime a candidate you feared. It would look like the kind of thing that any Yale professor would be ashamed to do, and the kind of piece that a great newspaper would refuse to run. (Duh! Thanks to the reader who pointed out that his name is Walter, not William.)
Exactly so.

Gosh, how clueless is Rick Perry? Now he seems to think that 21 is the voting age. Such flubs make it difficult to argue that his brain freeze in the debate was an anomaly. Has any successful politician's weaknesses been more revealed in a presidential run than Perry's?

Forbes looks at how the defense sequestrations required since the super committee's failure will increase unemployment in just those sort of construction jobs that Obama is supposed to be fighting to save.

And this is guaranteed to make you laugh. My daughter sent me a link to this hilarious site: Ugly Renaissance Babies. This is high concept.

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tfhr said...

Has any successful politician's weaknesses been more revealed in a presidential run than Perry's? ~ Betsy

Well there was one that campaigned in 57 states back in 2008 and as successful as he was at getting elected, he has been a raging failure in office. "Corpse-man", "Commander-AND-Chief", "Austrian language" and today's "English Embassy" are but some of his more amusing flubs but there is nothing amusing about his policy failures and his frequent choice to avoid leadership decisions. In 1992 we learned that an Arkansas governor "loathed the military", to use his words, and that he really liked "bimbos", to use a word favored by his campaign staff.

What has been revealed with Perry that overshadows his success as a leader in Texas? That state is doing pretty well and much better than the United States as a whole today. Character matters and Perry has not shown weaknesses that come close to those on display daily with Obama or Bill Clinton.

Maybe the media and certainly we as voters should look to more substantive evidence than the various gaffes which will be isolated and repeated ad nauseum in the MSM. When Obama said, "spread the wealth" to Joe the Plumber, he meant it and it revealed his core economic and political beliefs. When he built a legislative record by repeatedly voting "present" instead of placing his political career at risk, we should have had a media that held him to account for that glaring character flaw. Instead we had the plumber investigated by every newspaper and media outlet and even state officials invaded his privacy for having the temerity to ask the smooth talking candidate a simple but illuminating question. Likewise the MSM excused the presidential wannabe voting "present" and his decades long presence in Rev. Wright's racist, hateful church.

What's more revealing? Is it the fact that Rick Perry doesn't perform perfectly in public speaking opportunities or a comparison of his leadership results with the competition in the primaries or perhaps the general election?

Unfortunately we have a media that is incapable or unwilling to scratch below the surface, all too willing to protect and advance their choice for office, and invariably predisposed to focus on a sound bite instead of substantive matters. While it can be said that we get the government we deserve, I don't think cynicism supports that observation as much as a Fourth Estate which fails on nearly every level of its responsibilities and in doing so, helps foster the outcome.