Friday, November 18, 2011

Cruising the Web

It's truly scary what is happening to Hindus in Pakistan. Girls are being kidnapped and being forced into prostitution. And that is when they are not being murdered.

As Gingrich rests atop the polls, the media are going to do more and more to examine his record. A particularly rich node for their exploration is what he's done to earn money since he left the House. The Washington Post looks today into how much money he took in from the health care industry. He might call himself a consultant, but it doesn't give off a good odor when he refuses to release his records from what he did for Freddie Mac. As Krauthammer said the other night, it's pretty clear what he was doing for them. Fannie and Freddie were throwing a lot of money around to block Republican efforts to regulate the agencies. So they probably thought it would be a good idea to get a prominent Republican like Gingrich on their side. This isn't illegal, but it doesn't play well in today's Republican primaries. So Gingrich will try to squelch those questions, but voters should start asking if a "consultant" to Freddie Mac is whom they want to have as their candidate. As Charles Lane writes, "The dictionary doesn’t include a printable adjective to describe the former House Speaker’s hypocrisy." he has a list of Gingrich's statements excoriating Democrats for the money that they've taken from Fannie and Freddie.

New York Magazine had a slide-show
of pictures supposed to represent Newt Gingrich looking condescendingly at others. That's unfair - many of the pictures are just Newt apparently looking at or talking with someone. And we could have a similar slide-show of Barack Obama looking arrogant. But this blog, titled "Newt Gingrich Judges You: You have been weighted, measured, and found wanting" is truly funny."

Jay Cost examines the "campaign argument"
that the Republicans will use as their pitch for winning in 2012.

Obama will need to decide if his strategy next year should be geared at winning Ohio or Virginia. The message to the swing voters in those states is quite different.

Apparently, it has been rather common for wacky people to accuse the president of being the Antichrist.

This is emblematic of how ludicrous the EU is. They've spent three years investigating whether makers of bottle water should be allowed to claim that drinking their product can prevent dehydration. They've decided that it will now be criminal to make such claims. Think of that: EU professors have decided that drinking water is not a method of combating dehydration.

You can vote for the best live album.
There are a lot of great choices there, but I'll go for my man, Van Morrison's "It's Too Late to Stop Now."