Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cruising the Web

Grant Hill has a beautiful tribute to Coach K. All teachers or coaches would wish to have such a positive impact on the young people with whom they have worked.

Veronique de Rugy has an interesting chart
to look at how many millionaires remain millionaires over time. Based on their tax returns, of 675,000 people who qualified as millionaires (with over a million dollars of gross income) in 1999, about half of them had fallen out of that status by the following year. And only 6% of them still remained millionaires by 2007.

Michelle Malkin brings us up to date on another story of Obama's crony capitalism as the administration used taxpayer money to help out a big donor to the Democrats despite all sorts of warnings against the deal. And there's a nice sidelight on how SEIU head Andy Stern played a role.

Daniel Henninger makes the salient point that, while Obama portrays himself as the champion of the middle class, it is only the public-sector middle class that he seems to care about.

Walter Russell Mead analyzes the problems
that the European Union is facing today as a battle between the French folly and German prudence. It's not often that we see a reference to the Habsburg-Valois wars of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Godfather's Pizza is being affected by Herman Cain's presidential run.
Apparently, people are responding to the pizza brand according to their own partisan leanings.

So why is the media suddenly interested in Jack Abramoff's commentary on public affairs? That said, it can't help when he calls Newt Gingrich corrupt for cashing in on his experience in Washington.

The WSJ explains why the push for a balanced-budget amendment is so phony.

Ah, this explains Gingrich's pandering on ethanol. Not only is he seeking votes in Iowa, but he did consulting for the ethanol lobby. I have a feeling that his past as a consultant (read: lobbyist) is going to come back to haunt him today.