Monday, November 14, 2011

Cruising the Web

The makers of the movie Atlas Shrugged have to replace 100,000 title sheets from their DVD because some ignoramus described it as a story of "self-sacrifice." Someone either totally missed the point or thought it would be funny to pay a trick on the production.

My AP government class just read Madison's Federalist 10 in which he discussed how factions are inevitable and a result of human nature. So it's no shock to know that factions have developed in OWS.

Now that OWS has become a "petri dish" of disease with participants coming down with the charmingly named "winter vomiting virus," shouldn't the mayor, who professes to be so concerned about health move to shut this down?

Conn Carroll remembers
the movement to occupy Alcatraz in 1969. The similarities to OWS are quite striking.

Dana Milbank chastises Republicans for trying to pass blame for their faults from the accusations against Herman Cain to Newt blaming the media for "gotcha" questions to Romney blaming his successor for the problems with Romneycare. Well, aren't they simply following the model of this president who has spent the past three years blaming Bush for every bad thing that happens or mistake that his administration makes?

Jay Cost has an interesting column running through who were the possible candidates of executive experience and stature for running this election and narrows it down to a relatively short list. And Mitt Romney just lucked out that the others, except Rick Perry, declined to run and Perry flamed out.

The WSJ looks at Romney's record and pins down a few months in 2005 when Romney made his major flip flops.

Here's an inevitable result of Obamacare: Stryker, a company which makes artificial hips and knees will have to cut 5% of its employees to pay the medical-device excise tax that is part of the health reform bill.

So where does Perry's "oops" moment rank in some "recent defining presidential campaign moments." Here's one list. You can argue about the order, but the list reminds us of some of those political stories. But you'll have to ignore that picture of Al and Tipper smooching at his convention. Ugh.

With all the news about this horrible story at Penn State, it's nice to turn to a different sort of story about a legendary coach as Coach K goes for breaking Bob Knight's record. Here is an interesting story about the relations between those two men.

A "whiff of scandal"
now taints Barack Obama.

Here's an interesting and detailed look at George Kennan's career.

Jeff Jacoby celebrates the blocking of the FDA's efforts to force cigarette companies to have "mini billboards" of anti-smoking pictures. Hey, if the government can force us to buy a product, why can't it force companies to advertise its antismoking agenda?

OWS is trying to move to college campuses. At least that brings them closer to those responsible for their high student debt. Though some campuses are taking a stricter line than most city governments. Though who is surprised that Berkeley has had homeless people camping out there since 1969? Not the same people, but it is apparently a regular feature at the People's Park in Berkeley.

Byron York wonders if Herman Cain has any other approach to foreign and defense policy than to ask his advisers.

Talk about a bubble: how about spending $4.3 million for what seems to be a quite ordinary photo?

President Obama starts (or stops, depending on your view) a welcome trend - ending the silly pictures of world leaders wearing goofy shirts.


tfhr said...

HONOLULU: President Barack Obama joked about "aloha shirts" all weekend at the APEC conference, but when it came down to taking the "family photo," the president decided not to make the world leaders wear the local shirt.

That's fine but later in the article there are references to aloha shirts as being expensive and I've heard them referenced as vacation attire but the truth is that Wal-marts and K-marts on Oahu sell them very cheaply. More importantly they are and always have been considered appropriate business attire anywhere in Hawaii, much like a Guayabera is anywhere in Central America or Mexico. Wear a suit anywhere in Hawaii and everyone immediately knows you are from out of state or that you've fallen out of a coffin.

That said, I'm just glad they had the meeting there and not at Disney World because I'm sure they would've opted for the mouse ears in the photo and wouldn't that have summed it all up?

tfhr said...

It wasn't long ago that Slow Joe Biden predicted a dramatic upswing in violent crimes and rape. Of course he tried to lay the blame on his political opponents but he's Joe Biden, so naturally he got it wrong. He meant to say his political allies, OWS!

Pat Patterson said...

So far the Occupy movement is having its greatest success on a few of the entitled and annointed campuses of those who will have jobs on graduation. I can hardly wait to see what happens when they try to occupy Laney College in Oakland, Long Beach CC especially the PCH campus or Cerritos which are mostly attended by the working students that tend to get a little edgy if they can't walk peacefully across campus to the technical arts building or even the Humanities without being pestered by some fourth year art student. Or worse yet if the parking lots are blocked.

tfhr said...

Pat Patterson,

You said, "...of those who will have jobs on graduation." Is that how California now refers to out of state students?

Pat Patterson said...

No, those are still referred to as cash cows.

tfhr said...

Even Chicoms?

Pat Patterson said...

A lot of times there parents, in Taiwan or China or part of the Chinese dispora, have already established residences in the state which makes their children eligible to avoid out-of-state tuition charges.

tfhr said...

Sounds like good planning. And it also speaks to why their kids aren't taking classes in Women's Studies, etc.