Friday, November 11, 2011

Cruising the Web

Charles Krauthammer agrees that this year's elections should be a cautionary tale for Republicans for next year.

Hmmm. Why does the Holder Justice Department not want the Supreme Court to take up Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law?

Jonah Goldberg is troubled
by the attitude of Penn State students who seem to think it's just assumed that they should riot.
The tantrums are always self-justifying. Arguments are correct not if they conform to facts and reason, but if they are passionately held. Unfairness is measured by the intensity of one’s feelings.

Perhaps that’s why a “right to riot” has become a staple of campus culture across the country, particularly at big schools. Students riot when administrators take away their beer. They riot when they lose games. They riot when they win games. They riot when the cops try to break up parties. Inconvenience itself has become outrageous.

It is also why idiotic protests have come to be seen as “part of the college experience,” as if chanting inane slogans and spouting weepy canned platitudes is essential to a well-rounded education.
Of course, it didn't occur to these students that they should be rioting against the cover-up of charges of pedophilia. No, they'd prefer to throw a tantrum about firing the football coach. Such is their moral reasoning.

How oblivious is a reporter who thinks that Herman Cain was using a racially offensive pun by saying that he would beat Obama "with a Cain." Huh?

Gosh, think of how much has changed in just a few months in the GOP campaign for the nomination. It justifies all the clich├ęs about how a month is an eternity in politics.

Obama's punt on the Keystone XL pipeline tells other countries that we're closed for business. Isn't it a sign of weakness that Obama is more worried about the environmentalist wing of his party than the labor wing? As the WSJ portrays it, by siding with Big Green above job creation, he's shown himself to be the President of the 1%.

John McWhorter chides liberals
for having constantly played the race card with Obama and thus setting up Herman Cain for his throwing down of the race card. Both sides should know better.

We're in a pretty sorry state of affairs when high school students can't display the American flag because of fear of starting a violent conflagration.

Daniel Henninger has a very nice profile of Ted Forstmann's Children's Scholarship Fund to send scholarships to needy students so that they can attend private schools. One element of the program's success is that the parents are required to also contribute money towards the tuition.