Monday, November 07, 2011

Cruising the Web

Another example that we're becoming more like declining Rome: adult men gathering together to share their interest in "My Little Pony."

One interesting sidelight of the Herman Cain story is that people are learning more about how sexual harassment allegations work out in the real world. As Curt Levey writes today in the WSJ, it is not easy for an employee to prove a hostile environment. However, the bad publicity and cost of legal fees is so high that most businesses would prefer to settle ahead of time rather than go to trial. Some feminists are worrying that this story will convince some women not to bring allegations; another concern is that more women will decide to use this story as a model of how to lever a higher severance package than they might ordinarily have merited. Both the accuser and accused deserve better.

Unite the tea party and the OWS protesters: end corporate welfare. It would be good for government, business, and the taxpayer. There's one way to cut out close to one or two hundred billion a year.

Timothy Carney is right: conservatives should not be playing the race card.

Republicans shouldn't get cocky. There are still viable pathways for Obama to win next year.

Obama opts for the limited modified hangout strategy.

Ed Morrissey is absolutely right: the OWS people are sounding more and more like Animal Farm every day.

If the Politico reporters, as they claim, have seen actual documentation of the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, why aren't they reporting what they saw?

As my European History class is finishing up our study of the French Revolution, it's eye-opening to read daily about how the leaders of Europe today are squelching the possibility of democratic votes on their chosen policies. They certainly stomped on the chance of the Greeks holding a vote on accepting the bailout or even rejecting the Euro.