Friday, November 04, 2011

Cruising the Web

Don Surber contrasts NOW's reaction to the Paula Jones complaint against Bill Clinton to their deep moral indignation at Herman Cain. They're so consistently biased. Remember Gloria Steinem's "one free grope" rule to defend Bill Clinton's sexual approaches to Kathleen Willey.

ACORN officials in New York City go to Defcon 5 after reports that they're involved in paying people to protest at Occupy Wall Street.

Jay Cost explains that the GOP needs someone who can play the game of politics. And Herman Cain isn't it.
Some Harvard students walked out of Greg Mankiw's introductory economics class as part of the Occupy movement. They feel that the course has a conservative bias and should devote more attention to other economic theories such as Marxism. Just what our colleges need - more Marxist economics. The Harvard Crimson rightly takes them to task.
Furthermore, the students’ attempt to connect their classroom protestations to the Occupy movement illustrates the disjointed and often unfocused nature of the movement. Indeed, it seems ironic that students in an introductory economics course at Harvard feel that by walking out of their completely optional lecture taught by a famous economist on the theme of income inequality feel that their actions ought to be considered a sign of solidarity with the Occupy movement. Such protests don’t show solidarity, they show ignorance and a lack of self-awareness.

Daniel Henninger points out that Texas has been a real success story in building jobs, but it's not clear that Rick Perry is the one responsible for that success.

Pass a bill that is "legislative perfection." It's not only good policy, but extremely popular.

Mona Charen looks at the moral relativism that is taught now in school.

Here is a movement that I cannot understand: young men who gather together to watch "My Little Pony" together. They call themselves "bronies" - basically borthers who are fascinated by "My Little Pony." Weird.