Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cruising the Web

The Daily Caller looks at the arrest records of those protesters who were arrested at the New York Occupy Wall Street from mid-September to mid October and then looked up the addresses given on those arrest records. Guess what, the great majority of those arrested come from upscale homes with a median value of $305,000 over a hundred thousand over the median value of single-family homes. Meanwhile, the sexual assault crimes at Occupy events keep increasing. What is really stressing is that, for the sake of their purposeless revolution, the OWS people are trying to hush up accusations of sexual assaults.

The pragmatic argument on Mitt Romney - it's about where I am now.

Paul Ryan talks a bit more about why he made the decision not to run. And he expresses his contentment with the GOP presidential field. Mitt Romney has to be happy with Ryan's remarks that Romneycare, which Ryan has said is "not that dissimilar to Obamacare," is irrelevant in this year's election.

Is Herman Cain truly ignorant
of the fact that China already has nuclear weapons and is not, as he said on PBS, "trying to develop nuclear capability"? Yikes. He seems to make one of these errors almost every time he speaks about foreign policy. And then we'll have another one of his corrections and we'll be told that his ability to admit mistakes is one of his more endearing qualities. It might be endearing, but I would like a president who has more of a knowledge about basic facts that any somewhat intelligent follower of these matters should know.

Jonah Goldberg revisits Tim Pawlenty's bad decision to get out of the race so early. If he were still in and people were searching around for the not-Romney candidate, he would be right there to pick up their support.

Only government people would think that designating a single national monument would lead to creating 3,000 jobs. Sure.

The media seem fascinated that Jon Huntsman can speak Chinese. But he's nowhere as fluent as he'd like to pretend. And why should we care anyway?

Information you can use: do candy bars ever go bad?

Here is Nancy Pelosi's solution for the South Carolina Boeing plant controversy: they should unionize or shut down. Does she even care that the workers at that plant voted overwhelmingly to decertify their union? Or do Democrats not favor that sort of individual "choice"?