Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama-Hitler Signs

Remember how shocked and appalled the media were at the sight of Obama-Hitler signs at some Tea Party gatherings. They used that to argue that the Tea Party was racist.

Conservatives argued that the signs were being held by Lyndon LaRouche supporters, not Tea Partiers, but the media ignored that.

Well, now similar signs are showing up at the Occupy DC protests. I'm waiting for bated breath to hear all the hand-wringing about the ugly racism underlying the Occupy movements.

Of course, these are the same wacky LaRouche people. And they're mighty annoyed that the media didn't give them the credit before when the media didn't give them credit for their signs that they held up at Tea Party events. What do you bet that, if there is any mention of these signs at Occupy events, the media will be sure to blame the LaRouchites instead of any of those well-intentioned protesters? And we'll never see any backtracking on the claims that the media made previously?