Friday, October 14, 2011

Free food as a metaphor for Occupy Wall Street

The New York Times looks at how the protesters camping out at Wall Street are getting fed. They've organized a group to parcel out the free food that keeps getting donated to the protesters. Apparently, people from all over the world are calling in delivery orders from pizzas and the famous Katz's Deli. Then the self-appointed kitchen organizers distribute the free goodies.

Yup, such donations might violate their desire to have locally grown organic food, but a protester has gotta eat so they'll forgo those principles in order to gobble down some freebies.

And some of them admit that they're eating better down in Lower Manhattan than they would eat at home.
AFTER nearly two weeks of living among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in downtown Manhattan, Ellis Roberts, 25, a Pennsylvania garbage collector laid off last year, looked scruffy and dazed.

He was not, however, hungry.

“I’ve been here for 12 days, and I’ve put on 5 pounds,” he said, sitting on the ground in front of a handmade sign that said “Class War Ahead.” “I’m eating better than I do at home.”

Like the rest of his anti-corporate comrades, Mr. Roberts learned soon after arriving in Zuccotti Park that his meals would be taken care of. All he had to do was amble toward a ramshackle cluster of tables and boxes in the middle of the park and, without paying a cent, grab a slice of pizza or a warm slab of homemade vegan casserole. Last Thursday he had encountered “a bunch of Katz’s Deli sandwiches,” he said. “That was good.”
Hey, why not camp out if you're laid off and getting good free food?

This one young man's approach to food is a metaphor for the whole vague movement.
Tom Hintze, 24, was volunteering in Zuccotti Park last week. “Just now there was a big UPS delivery,” he said. “We don’t know where it comes from. It just appears, and we eat it.”
And isn't that what they're about - they want stuff and they think it should show up. They're not concerned about where it comes from and how it gets to them, but they just want stuff - like their college debts being paid and an interesting and remunerative job in the field they chose to study. Listen to this one gentleman who would like someone, anyone to pay for his college tuition because, that's what he'd like. And those evil bankers and Wall Street people should cough it up.