Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cruising the Web

Obamacare lacked a severability clause that would have protected the rest of the law if any part is struck down. Some of the courts that have ruled already on the individual mandate have differed on whether that meant that the rest of the law had to also be struck down. Now the Justice Department has argued in its brief to the Supreme Court that the mandate is so crucial to the entire bill that, if the Supreme Court should declare it unconstitutional the rest of the bill would also have to be struck down. It's a gamble that the justices will be loath to strike down such a major bill.

Humberto Fontova explains what the Washington Post, Chris Matthews and other Democrats don't understand about Cuba. And he tells the story of the shameless blackmailing that Univision did to try to get Marco Rubio to appear on a show. Can you imagine if Fox News blackmailed a Democrat by threatening to reveal a brother-in-law's drug bust from over 20 years ago when that Democrat was a teenager?

What Hayek might have said about Occupy Wall Street.

Rick Perry and the Democrats are launching the same attacks
on Mitt Romney. That's what a reputation for flip-flops will get you.

David Harsanyi explains who the real Luddites are these days.

Since Obama never learned the message of the mortgage crisis, he now wants to extend the same conditions that led to that crisis to the college loan business.

James Pethokoukis explains seven reasons
why Obama is wrong on income inequality.

Some basic lessons on economics and wealth distribution are going on at Occupy Wall Street protests. Now if only those protesters would learn from those lessons.

Hmmm. Why did the Richmond Tea Party have to pay for holding rallies in the same park that the Occupy Wall Street group has been camping out for free for a couple of weeks?

The WSJ says that Romney has had his finest hour.

Ken Jennings says
that he is the 99%.

The NYT interviews Herman Cain's former staffers. Apparently, his touted business leadership experience doesn't extend to running his own campaign. Though we have a president who touted his presidential campaign as proof that he has great leadership skills and we've seen how this worked out.