Friday, October 21, 2011

Cruising the Web

How nice that Obama gave $529 million in a loan guarantee to an electric car company that built its line of cars in Finland.

Steve Jobs understood what Obama was doing wrong. Unfortunately, Obama didn't listen to him.

New York Magazine spends some time at Zuccotti Park and sees the tensions between those who are hanging out there and those who want to organize the protesters into some sort of order. Some in the drum line apparently resent having 50% of their tips being taken by the organizers. Hey, from each according to his ability....

And residents in the area are getting increasingly testy about the whole situation.

The Republicans are featuring quotes
from seven Democratic senators who aren't thrilled with Obama's jobs proposals. But hey, I'm sure that such opposition is all due to Republican intransigence, right?

Kimberley Strassel diagnoses one of Mitt Romney's problems: his sense of guilt for being wealthy.

Here's some investment advice from the WSJ: bet against the companies that the Obama administration selects for federal handouts.