Monday, September 19, 2011

Will the Obama administration destroy Texas's economic growth?

One of the few bright spots in the nation's economy is Texas's energy industry. But now a big chunk of that industry could be shut down and all because of a tiny lizard, the Sand Dune Lizard, that the Fish and Wildlife Service is considering putting on the Endangered Species List.
The Dunes Sagebrush Lizard, also known as the Sand Dune Lizard, inhabits the Permian Basin, one of America’s top energy producing regions. It contains more than 20 of the nation’s top 100 oil fields and, in the counties identified with lizard habitat, is keeping an estimated 27,000 jobs intact.

Despite the White House’s laser focus on jobs, the administration has its sights on putting these lizards on the Endangered Species List — a move which would severely limit oil production and kill area jobs in order to make the Permian Basin a protected habitat for the lizard.

“The wolf at the door is the lizard; we’re concerned listing it would shut down drilling activity for a minimum of two years and as many as five years while the service determines what habitat is needed for the lizard. That means no drilling, no seismic surveys, no roads built, no electric lines,” said Ben Shepperd, president of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association (PBPA).

According to the government, with the species on the verge of extinction, it needs to be protected. Various threats to the lizard include loss of habitat, “fragmentation and degradation as a result of oil and gas development and shinnery oak removal.”
Critics say that there has been insufficient study since much of the land hasn't been surveyed. We'll see if the administration puts jobs and the nation's energy system above the unclear needs of a lizard.


pumping-irony said...

They'll certainly try. People don't seem to realize that beyond the unrelenting stupidity of this administration, there is a quality one rarely (and thankfully) finds in democratic governments, at least in the West: they are downright nasty and ugly. It starts with Obama, from his blatant assaults on the character of anyone and everyone who disagrees with him down to the sneering little "Who Me?" middle fingers that he "inadvertently" displays at convenient times. Far from likeable, I think the man is a bigger creep than Nixon ever was and like attracts like...

Rick Caird said...

There is no doubt Obama and his minions are after Texas. They refused natural disaster funds for Texas wildfires. They extended the cross border EPA requirements to Texas at a date that is too late to meet. Now, we have this little lizard (a lizard reminiscent of the whole Obama administration).

If Obama thought he could get electoral votes out of Texas, all of these decisions would be different.

John A said...

A big problem here is common with government regulatory agencies: the establishing legislation demands action even if the agency internally does not approve, and at the same time allows a political-appointee-head to ignore the conclusions of the agency's scientists.

The FDA must at the least consider bans of foods and medicines with "Known" carcinogens: this was established when the most sophisticated test might be able to measure parts-per-million, and has not changed with more advanced tests capable of finding parts-per-tens-of-billions.

The EPA scientists found no real problem with DDT applied correctly (or even incorrectly, at amounts far in excess of manufacturer recommendation) - but the political head decided to kill it off.

If you use IRS resources to file tax info and the IRS advice is found to be incorrect, the IRS has no obligation to consider this as an alleviating factor.

On and on...