Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rick Perry's real weakness

Jennifer Rubin links to Texans for Public Justice's Crony Capitalism report on how Rick Perry has channeled jobs to businesses and donors that have donated money to his campaign and to the Republican Governors Association while he was head of the organization. There is story after story of the favors that he has given to his donors. These are the sorts of sleazy stories that has Republicans up in arms over Solyndra and LightSquared. Rubin cites several examples and you can click on over and read them and what is in the report. Here's a sample:
Bob Perry [no relation to the governor] ($14 million to Perry/RGA) sought and received his own regulatory agency. Texas lawmakers created the Texas Residential Construction Commission in 2003. The agency ostensibly was supposed to mediate disputes between the buyers and builders of new homes. But construction defects made a lemon of this lemon-home agency. John Krugh, Bob Perry’s general counsel, helped draft legislation to create the agency. Governor Perry then skewed the agency’s foundation by only appointing housing-industry representatives—including Krugh—to the new commission. “In Texas you can buy your own state agency, then regulate yourself,” Houston Democratic Rep. Garnet Coleman quipped at the time.The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission, which reviews bureaucracies to see if they should be eliminated, issued a scathing 2008 review, finding that the Construction Commission tied up lemon-home buyers in red tape. In a rare move, the legislature abolished the agency in 2009.
Yes, the organization making the allegations is a left-wing group funded by George Soros which makes a habit of attacking Texas Republicans. But that doesn't make the charges untrue.

As Rubin points out, is this really the sort of government leadership that the Tea Party and Republicans have been protesting in order to place in office? If Mitt Romney is so weakened from going up against Obama because of Romneycare, won't Perry be similarly weakened by not being able to argue against Obama's crony capitalism? Perry's opponents for the nomination need to bring this information out or they may be allowing a flawed candidate to skate through. The Democrats won't be so shy about trumpeting these stories. They have a group armed with the research and will be funneled directly to the Obama campaign should Perry be the nominee. It is information that should be aired during the primaries for voters to decide if they care or not and to give Perry a chance to answer the allegations. Perhaps he can knock down the charges, but if he isn't presented with that opportunity, he'll be all the weaker in the general election.