Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Democrats demonstrate they don't care about cutting spending

The Democrats pretend that they're interested in cutting the deficit, but they won't even agree to offset disaster relief from Irene by cutting some green-energy loan programs similar to the one that wasted half a billion dollars on Solyndra. Remember when the Democrats campaigned on pay-as-you-go?
When Ms. Landrieu promises to "eventually pay for it," does she mean in 2020, or 2030? If Democrats (and some Republicans) won't cut a mere $3.5 billion now, how are they ever going to cut the hundreds of billions in spending that is necessary to balance the budget? These are the same Democrats who once campaigned on the promise of "pay as you go" budgeting.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton and Republicans in Congress routinely financed disaster relief with other cuts, even after the Oklahoma City bombings. And that was when the deficit was a small fraction of what it is now. As for the future of the Energy Department's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program, if the battery-run car is such a high priority and promising technology, why not ask Warren Buffett to pay for it. He says he's undertaxed.